The Cloutchasers!

In my attempt to avoid the “hype” I waited to discuss Meek Mill’s cancelled visit to the White House until today so I could read all the articles and listen to all the reports as to why. Why Meek didn’t go to D.C., what did Jay Z say to Meek Mill to make him change his mind, and was Jay the sole reason for not attending the panel discussion on prison reform? Let’s rewind this for a second, Meek Mill was invited to participate in a panel discussion on prison reform in this country on Thursday of last week. It was alleged that Meek may be meeting with Donald Trump but Meek started getting the feeling that Trump was just clout chasing and looking for a photo-opt with the Philadelphia emcee and in return Meek Mill would’ve been made to look super crazy. (*inserts Steve Harvey & Kanye West*) Thus, Meek decided to revoke his participation in the panel discussion. Meek Mill is at a pivotal point in his life and career; is he going to rap about the same content or is he going to completely embrace his newfound leadership role?

First, I don’t think Meek should do a complete 360 however he can definitely be a hybrid of both sides. We as “African”-Americans live a dichotomous existence as to walk the line of those parallels via Hip Hop music could be extremely impactful. Now I watched the “panel discussion” on prison reform that Meek was scheduled to participate in and as someone who is familiar with panel discussions it probably would not have done what Meek and the rest of us needed to be done. No real change comes from a panel discussion since it is exactly what it is described as, a discussion. Call it what you want but I have a huge feeling that had Meek Mill went to the White House for the panel discussion Donald Trump and his cronies would have made it a priority to be there and take as many photos of the two as humanly possible. A lot of us just like the optics and the “afrosymbolism” of one of our leaders or role models standing next to someone in power (usually white males) in hopes that some of the power would trickledown.

Meek Mill is a young Black man from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania chasing his dreams and that alone is the real reason he declined to be a panelist at the White House’s discussion on prison reform. Meek Mill’s dreams are obviously bigger than he or we initially imagined. If others in his position with a similar platform dreamed bigger rather than chase something that is relentlessly fleeting than maybe we could have some real change going on. The White House hosted an entire summit with other events revolving around prison reform so why not ask Meek Mill to participate in the entire summit as oppose to just the panel discussion? The Trump Administration was ready to grab on to all of the clout, street cred, limelight, and whatever else he could and in return Meek would’ve lost everything; his street cred, clout, support, and who knows what else this man would’ve risked for stepping foot on that White House lawn. Clout-chasing is cool for those who don’t have any but for those of us that do…don’t go chasing waterfalls.

“Your clout petty/sour” – Hussein Fatal (Hit ‘Em Up)

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