The Comeback Kid!

Entertainment has been part of human existence since we walked this planet but the lengths that a person would go through to entertain are exponential and becoming more outlandish. Some may engage in criminal or shady dealings because they are striving to “make it’. Be it pedophilia, gang activity, or domestic disputes; some people will overlook all of this sick or criminal behavior because they want to be famous. It was recently made public that Tekashi69 will not serve any jail time for his part in a federal case involving the alleged “Treway” Bloods out of Brooklyn. It was also made public that Tekashi will go into protective custody after his January 2020 release date. So many people are wondering what will be his next move. Will he go into protective custody, will her Rap again, or will he move overseas? All of the “wondering” that people are doing now will turn into a rollout once January 2020 gets here.

My longtime readers, you should already know how I feel and for my newbies…listen up! The best thing we can do for Tekashi, I’m sorry, Daniel is to let him go. Let him go back to “normal” and to stop giving him any attention. I’m glad I don’t have to read about him every week and I’m glad that no one will be forcing any new 69 music on me. The best thing we can do for Rap music, the music industry, and the culture is to not give him any attention online. While Daniel is locked up we will start to see a 69-rebrand that may include new more remorseful music but knowing Daniel…that need for love and attention will make a comeback and he’ll be telling another thoro Rapper to suck it. So what is Daniel to do? Should he maintain his “hardcore” persona or should he repackage himself as a conscious Rapper? To be conscious don’t you have to be a little “woke”?

The Tekashi comeback could be the best thing or the worse thing for him. It would be best to show the universe some humility because a lot of media outlets are basically predicting this young man’s murder. Protective custody hasn’t protected everyone who is under the government’s watchful eye. Who’s to say that Daniel’s family will be in protective custody with him? I doubt “Jade” will follow Daniel into protective custody since they aren’t married and since he and the mother of his child don’t get along I’m pretty sure they’re safe…but you never know. These are the consequences of pretending, lying, trying, and testing the street life. If you’re not already in it, don’t. The streets don’t love anybody no matter how loyal you are to the pavement. You can be the hardest gangsta turned rapper to ever go platinum but at the end of the day gangsta is as gangsta does and a real gangsta doesn’t snitch.

“All ’em little gangstas, who you think helped mold ’em all?” – Dr. Dre (Forgot About Dre)

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