The Corporate Takeover

I hope everyone who celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday was able to do so safely. Like many of us I had an extended holiday weekend and I took the time to do some things that I usually don’t have a lot of time for. I started putting my book together (look for it in the spring of 2017) and I watched a few documentaries. One documentary was titled “Hip Hop: The Furious Force of Rhymes” and the other two were about the food we consume. “Food, Inc.” and “Food Choices” are two great movies that I believe everyone should watch especially those who want to be more health conscious. Of course I will follow that up with Dr. Sebi’s “Eat to Live” lecture/documentary. This “corporatocracy” that we live in is extremely dangerous and a lot of the changes will take generations to correct or to even make an impact. The same goes for equality and justice for people of color and this thing called Hip Hop and Rap music.

There is a generation of young people who believe a freestyle can be written. We as the previous generation did not teach this generation the difference between spitting a verse and spitting a freestyle. The results are Rappers who get help with verses or some who don’t write at all and say whatever they can think of which usually isn’t much. You cannot compare a Diddy, a Dr. Dre, or even a Swizzbeatz to a real emcee because they aren’t emcees and they never claimed to be. We all know their talent lies behind the boards, not in the booth. There are only four companies that produce all of the meat you eat in the U.S. and there are only four labels that control the music industry which is why we have these “processed and packaged” Rappers. It is easier for the corporations and the labels to make money if everyone sounds and looks the same. It requires a streamline process to recreate the same act multiple times. It’s like going to a McDonalds in New York another one in Arizona and getting a double cheeseburger that tastes exactly the same.

It’s a process and it takes a group of people to ensure that the process goes as planned. The government does not intervene in the “business” of the food industry because some of those people are being paid off, sued, or ran out of business in the process. Labels no longer have A&R’s or artist development departments which included media training and other programs that prepared an artist to be an artist. Labels don’t care if you’re an addict, a womanizer, or a racist as long as they can make their money. I food corporation doesn’t care if a chicken is too fat to stand on its own two feet or if a cow is sick with E. Coli, you are going to eat this diseased meat and listen to this subpar Rap and like it! The corporations have taken over and it is my hope that they don’t become “too big to fail” like the auto industry did. The best space to be as a Rapper is independent. On your own terms, without giving up everything else. No GMO’s just organic but if it isn’t home grown, beware, everything that comes from countries like Canada might not be what the label says it is.

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