The Cult(ure)

I wanted to wait until everything quieted down before I confronted some people about their feelings following the death of young rapper XXXtentacion. Not going into the details of his death but for those that don’t know the young man was shot and killed in Miami and just as I predicted fans and people who weren’t fans made an attempt to life him up in martyrdom likening his name to Tupac Shakur, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. Are you all crazy, bandwagoning, looking for likes, or hypocrites? I think some of you might be all three! This young man has a checkered past that includes domestic violence charges that stem from an assault on a then pregnant Geneva Ayala. Face it, this young man was not someone who anyone would want their children to look up to. Stop ignoring the facts because you don’t want to make anyone upset for speaking their truth! The main component of a cult is the emotional attachment to the leader and if your fanbase is a bunch of “emo” kids…they feel like part of a community.

Fans or stans can be some of the best people and some of the worst. Only days after Jahseh “XXXtentacion” Onfroy’s murder there was a candlelight vigil in Miami at the scene where he was shot and like most victims of domestic violence she still had love in her heart for her abuser and went to the vigil to show support when she started being verbally harassed and attacked by the brainwashed fans of XXXtentacion. Yes we are sad that this young man lost his life. Yes we are upset with whomever setup, plotted, or planned to have this incident occur but we are not going to do is ignore his transgressions. We all have a past but does your include domestic assault? Murder? Rape, or some other violent crime outside of self-defense? Mine doesn’t and even though I’m not a judge and have never served on a jury I know right from wrong and from what we know he didn’t live his life to its full potential. You can’t be mad at Fabolous and uplift Mr. Onfroy. We can’t be mad at R. Kelly when he and Jahseh were on the Spotify blacklist.

Fans become stans when they lose sight of their “leader” being a real person and put them on that high pedestal. When you throw all rationale out the window in favor of your feelings for someone that can become a problem. We are not bringing mental health into this because mental health does not give anyone a pass to antagonize, rape, destroy, berate, or hurt another person. A few “woke” words doesn’t make you a Kemet philosopher. A lot of people are “trying” to good before they die but guess what if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready. Stop letting social media make you somebody you’re not for the sake of a narrative when your opinion is only a drop in a bucket of water. Cut the crap people and have an independent thought! It is okay to hold people accountable even after they’re dead.

“Sacrificin’ half our life for your new music cult.” – Rick Ross (Idols Become Rivals)

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