The Dame West Interview


The Breakfast Club on NY’s Power 105.1 recently interviewed Dame Dash. It was a pretty long interview but the radio trio did their best in conducting the interview. I watch Dame’s YouTube channel so I was already familiar with his “interview style”. Now I’m not against anything Dame said in the interview. He was pretty on point with what he was saying but I think his delivery was a little off. Makes me think of Kanye giving his reasons for moving with Jay after the Rocafella situation. If you think Kanye goes in; Dame definitely does. Where do you think Kanye got it? When people are passionate about what they know and believe nothing can stop them. Dame had great points but his delivery was way off.

There were some things that made people think he was either crazy or braggadocio. Allow me to filter out his main point and what he may not have gotten across. I for one wouldn’t want to keep talking about someone either. Like he said it’s been fifteen years since everything went down at Rocafella. They’re not even close acquaintances now so why would you keep asking. It’s like beating a dead horse but I do understand that the new generation which is the demographic of Power 105 they may not know how Dame met Jay but let’s move on. It did get a little heated between DJ Envy and Dame with the ‘boss’ comment. Dame knows that millions of people have bosses there’s no denying that but he wants to empower and encourage others to strive to be entrepreneurs and be their own boss. When you see another black person you need to give them the chance to become that by providing an opportunity. A lot of us can’t do that but Rap music today likes to make you think you are. We all should strive to be self-employed and have our own businesses and build our own economy.

Dame is a huge advocate for the preservation of the culture and the media tries to make him look a certain way to mold our opinion of him and as a result devalue what he says. Same with Kanye and a lot of black leaders in the past. Not that Kanye and Dame are black leaders but they could be. Kanye has the platform but he isn’t really advocating for change that can affect us on a deeper and more direct level. Dame is advocating for the change but doesn’t have a major platform because he is advocating for cultural preservation. He has to create his own platform which goes back to the boss comment. With social media everyone has a greater opportunity to become that entrepreneur. Some people may be small minded and unable to see how they can become that. Stop gossiping and focus on becoming that. No gossip sites or vine videos. It’s all a waste of your time where you could be doing something to create your own opportunity. Work together to create opportunities for each other. Stick together. Spike Lee should at least meet with Dame and give him some advice or something. Dame came off a little strong but he’s just trying to get his message across. Share some of his passion and use that energy to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit. Just remember if you do something you love you’ll never work a day in your life.