The Dreams of Queens

Despite how much I extremely dislike the cover Nicki Minaj’s latest album titled Queen was released over the weekend and of course people are eager to listen and decide if they are officially no longer fans of the Brooklynite rapper. The only thing that’s making noise is the song Barbie Dreamz which us more adult people recognize the influence from Notorious B.I.G.’s Just Playin (Dreams) from his “Ready to Die” album and one of Lil’ Kim’s popular tracks from her “Hard Core” album, Dreams. Don’t get me wrong Nicki did great doing what she does best. Selling sex by any means necessary and with the current state her career is in she is pulling all the stops…and she made it her album cover. Full breasts on display with little to leave to the imagination.

I am not body shaming and I’m not trying to tell Ms. Maraj what to do with her body but in the same way Tekashi69 trolls everyone with gang culture imagery Nicki is using her “sexuality.” I suppose she named the album queen because she’s the queen of Rap. The thing is a real queen would never have to pull a stunt like this for her “fans” to listen to her music. I know that people aren’t’ perfect but she could always be better. For someone who is supposed to be a queen I didn’t hear any positive words for young women or anything that would warrant an album title “Queen.” In this age of #MeToo there wasn’t a word on anything until it’s time for the rollout.

Nicki is still reaching for ears by name dropping a bunch of rappers whom she alleges tried to sleep with her or who she would sleep with. Why not, it may solicit a response from someone and attention is good attention at this point. If you’re the queen of Rap you shouldn’t be pulling these types of stunts, just let your rhymes speak for themselves. Rest on your laurels and trust your talent. The need for the top spot can be your downfall. Stop dreaming about how it was when you were the only queen and reign on your half of the kingdom.

“Now a queen’s a queen and a stunt is a stunt.” – Jeru The Damaja (Da Bichez)

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