Our Four Initiatives

Our Four Initiatives when educating our youth and their families in the community are the core from which our lessons and workshops are derived. Each of these focus areas are based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Education is a basic need and a basic right of any human being be it traditional or specialized no matter their ethnicity. Higher education leads to a higher economic status as someone is more likely to secure a better job or become a better entrepreneur once they have educated themselves in their chosen field. Once a person has reached a certain level of economic status they then become more aware of local and national politics. This results in what some might think of as a social “awakening”. All of these together can lead our youth and our communities to a new and independent society.

Education is our number one priority here. Teaching our students about themselves, each other, and their environment is essential. We develop a healthy level of self-worth and self-efficacy where we motivate young people to learn about the system of education locally and nationally including educational policies. We encourage active class participation, reliability, as well as foster self-awareness. We develop critical thinking skills by analyzing the musical element of the culture.

The changing economy always has an impact on the Black community and until we establish our own economy we will be dependent on the government for even the slightest thing. Most of the faces young people see in Rap music come from low-income communities and although we work hard for our money we are quick to spend it on items we do not need or simply cannot afford. Companies market to young people more than any other demographic but we teach our young people to keep their money in their own communities. 

Social Issues
Social issues include a broad spectrum of problems in society ranging from racism, gun violence, discrimination against women, and reforming the criminal justice system. Some Hip Hop artists glance over such issues in fear of sponsor retaliation resulting in a loss of income. However if Rappers actively use their voices to advocate for our communities social change could occur on a grandiose level. We expose young people to those emcees that are socially responsible in their lyrics.

The people in our communities are becoming more aware of what is going on in politics and government. Some Hip Hop artists only gravitate towards politics as a fad and will endorse any politician that at be popular. Hip Hop artists should use their platform to emphasize the importance of actively participating in politics  locally and nationally. We teach our young people to to make standing changes in the community locally and nationally through community service.