The Funny Money Rap Lifestyle

I was having a conversation about prioritizing your income. My statement was that most rich or wealthy people don’t spend their money on material items. To a degree. You don’t see them with anything flashy or gaudy like quiet money. If you’re someone like me who acknowledge their responsibilities as an adult and handle them accordingly. All adults don’t do that and if you’re a young person reading this your school work, cleaning your room, and other household duties are your responsibilities. You don’t see wealthy people flaunting their affluence but you may see celebrities do so because all celebrities aren’t wealthy and most wealthy people aren’t celebrities including athletes. That is a social construct within North American culture so it shows up in the black community. This is what I mean. Who’s buying the fresh Jordans? Who gets their hair, nails, toes, and eyebrows at least every week? Who is buying huge rims to put on a car? Who pops bottles in the club for hundreds or thousands of dollars? It always seems like the poorer a black person is the more materialistic they are. Going to the hood to floss all of that is materialism. You might not think of it that way but that’s how the mind rationalizes your thoughts and feelings to get the desired outcome.

For my open-minded friends I like to attribute that to us being derived from Kings and Queens in Africa. It is in our bloodline to have these large gold ropes and golden eagle arm cuff. As royalty we dawn jewels from the motherland that are indigenous to our homeland. You can Google it yourself; Egypt and Kemet are where civilization was born ask the Greeks they stole it from us. I think I mentioned the math, science, and language in a previous blog. You cannot deny who you are or who we are as a people. Rappers these days aren’t the first to wear large gold and platinum pieces with pendants that weigh the size of a large baby. I will say the chain game has calmed down in the past several years but the same social context is present within Rap music. The ones with no money are frontin’ on Instagram while the ones with money are keeping a low profile. They might wear something for a show or an appearance but that is just for the image. Somebody is saying they do buy cars and houses and other expensive things! Yes but a house can make money and a car can too if you buy the right one. They buy things that make them money directly or indirectly.

Even the idea of wealth to young people and some adults even is a few million dollars when old white men out here making billions. Do they even know that trillions is a word? Probably not because they probably don’t teach that anymore. I noticed they don’t teach a lot of things in school anymore but that’s another topic. I’m all for us enjoying ourselves and indulging every now and then but these artists have a responsibility. Everyone is turning up so much you decide to go up in the club on a Tuesday! Don’t you have to go to work? Don’t you have to go to school? Where are your kids? It’s fine to go out once in a while but not every night. Drinking, smoking, having sex, and having babies. It’s a cycle to keep us financially dependent upon a system. Financial independence means we’ll be knocking on their doors and living next door. They never even wanted us to have any job that wasn’t subservient to them. They have even taken over Rap music. Living fat off of our culture something we created as a way to have income. Lifestyle Rap is at an all-time high! So busy watching these Rappers spend their funny rap money you forget you don’t even have the same reality or the same lifestyle.

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