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The Highs and Lows 2

Well Hip Hop heads the Hip Hop high is over. Last week we got some great music and J. Prince called a truce between Pusha T and Drake. I still haven’t attempted to listen to the Ye album but Black Thought’s Streams of Thought Vol. 1 is Hip Hop in its purest form. Since things have calmed down I started seeing headlines on social media about Chief Keef getting shot at and Uzi Vert and Rich the Kid going at it inside of a chain coffee shop in Philadelphia. Now I told you all last weekend that this was going to happen. Whoever is paying these young people to change the narrative from progressive to regressive knows exactly when to push the button. Some of the new young rappers are so eager to get on and stay on that they are willing to drum up some drama for likes and attention. So back to the lows we go? Chief Keef being the target of a shooting allegedly arranged by Tekashi69 is kind of random since Keef isn’t part of this new class [?] of rapper.

Granted we’ve had some lows but if we want to talk stunts and shenanigans this generation is the cream of the crop. They live by and die by their social media persona and so do their careers. If you take an “L” online you’re pretty much done because the internet will never let you forget and they will remind you every chance you get. Given their so called “short” attention spans young fans are fickle and you have to keep them interested and engaged so once the internet shreds you it’s up to you and/or your talent to get you back into the game. That doesn’t always end well for some and a lot of people who make it big at a young age begin to chase that level of success they had as a youngster. This leads to more drugs and more promiscuity as a way to mask their feelings of depression. It doesn’t get any lower than that but thank goodness the artists I came up on were able to transition into new streams of revenue to accompany their music. Now that doesn’t go for everyone and we know from seeing artists like DMX that no matter how low you go true raw talent can always bring you back.

I just find it sad that these young people feel like they have to perform as a caricature of how mainstream America wants them to behave. There are industry plants or what some describe as covert snitch for the Hip Hop police. Some of these artists never aspired to be a Rappers that was just a job that came with money, fame, women, and required no hard work whatsoever. To be willing to act or behave in a manner that is morally and culturally opposing is bewildering. Many an entertainer have died trying to maintain a lifestyle that isn’t congruent with their personal beliefs. They call that cognitive dissonance which can result in mental illness such as depression and/or anxiety. But if part of the façade is to mask your true feelings and numb your emotions artist believe that no one will notice! The people or the team that’s surrounding these young artist are just as low as them. To exploit, to take advantage of, or to manipulate a young person into doing something that you know is morally corrupt or debilitating is morally corrupt and debilitating. We have to take the lows with the high folks and everything that comes with it.

Life ain’t nothing but an EQ of highs and lows.” Big K.R.I.T. (Highs and Lows)


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