The Hip Hop Agenda

According to Wiki a political agenda refers to topics under discussion by a governmental executive, or a cabinet in government that tries to influence current and near-future. Most religious groups, companies, and minority groups have some form of political agenda. You have those that are big on animal rights, LGBT rights, and so on. The groups have lobbyist in Washington D.C. and local public offices who push the political agenda of those groups. That’s why you have the food companies, private prison groups, oil companies, and the like operating in the fashion in which they do. Forget the fact that so, e politicians are being compensated in some way. Some of you might want to believe that organizations such as the NAACP and other historical groups that were in the trenches during the Civil Rights Era are in D.C. lobbying for our political agenda. That may very well be but why are there these covert and systematic laws in place to continue the disenfranchising our community?

The recent shooting in Orlando was a blatant push for the agenda of multiple groups on the backs of another. There is gun violence every day in Chicago but a shooting at a gay and lesbian club can get politicians to call a filibuster? There was no such clamoring for the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School. We have to outline our own agenda and keep our people on Capitol Hill in order to have some real change enacted. I know #BlackLivesMatter is doing their thing but they can’t do it alone and we shouldn’t expect them to. Hip Hop/Rap music can have their own voice alongside #BlackLivesMatter via the music to help push the cause. That will ignite the older organizations like the National Urban League and the Rainbow Push Coalition can refuel, retool, and redo their strategies. This could get all types of youth involved, you just have to utilize the music.

Our communities may never get the resources they deserve but if we can believe in each other enough to support each other by sharing resources then we can build our own economy. I’ve heard in interviews that some people think that the game is a selfish one right now so sharing resources may be a little too much for some of you. The same executive that owns the radio station owns the record label. The “people” at the record label constantly pressure Rappers to make certain types of music. Even OG emcees that want to step back into the game have felt the pressure to conform. We have to get our own people up and running if we want to demand anything on any political agenda and Hip Hop/Rap music is a major key! *Khaled voice*


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