The Hip Hop Anomaly

The culture. The music. The art. The movement. Nobody ever thought that Hip Hop would make it this far. Hip Hop is what “they” would call an anomaly. Something that deviates from expectations or societal standards. Being the folk music of the disenfranchised African-American and Latino kids in the Bronx and other New York Burroughs the movement was taken for granted and belittled simply because of the faces behind the art. Anytime people of African descent or those whose heritage comes from the African diaspora do anything it is undermined. From television shows to music “they” will sometimes try to undercut Hip Hop with their own version of the same thing. The answer to MC Hammer was Vanilla Ice. The answer to Living Single was Friends. The answer to The Cosby Show was The Simpsons. Even when records like “Rapper’s Delight” were released there was a rush to sign any young person that claimed they “rapped” but their intention was not to make them an artist the plan was to make money off of a young inexperienced and naïve young person and to take advantage of them financially.

When acts like Run DMC came into play that’s when things changed. With some help from Jam Master Jay’s closet and Adidas we were able to solidify our place in the future of music. Rap/Hip Hop is the youngest genre of music therefore the eighties gave the culture room for growth and that was only the beginning. They thought that Run DMC was the biggest group to ever come out of New York then we get the almighty WuTang Clan of Shaolin. In the nineties the culture was still finding its way and we eventually found our way to endorsements and sponsorships in the early 21st century. As you look around today Hip Hop Culture has afforded us jobs, access, new revenue streams, and much more.

Shawn Carter, Sean Combs, and Andre Young are now billionaires or close to it all because they decided to go against the grain. I’m not too sure but three billionaires doesn’t sound like an anomaly to me.  “They” try to throw salt on the names of those who’ve been able to make it to billionaire status by planting ideas that we can’t successfully transition from the culture into other endeavors and that we have to “sell our souls” to the “illuminati.” That is to discourage the youth and others who may have a talent to contribute to the culture or the rest of the world. Hip Hop Culture is not an anomaly and neither are you! Hip Hop/Rap music has its own standards and its own expectations that don’t need to be changed or altered only adhered to.

“Look, I am the anomaly, never needed favors or apologies.” –Big Sean (No Favors)

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