The Hip Hop Hunger Games

It’s getting hectic out here folks! Over the weekend California Rapper that a lot of you never heard of, Lil B, was ambushed by New York Rapper A Boogie Wit da Hoodie and Philly Rapper PnB’s crew backstage at the Rolling Loud music Festival stop in California. I know some of you probably never heard of A Boogie or PnB but that’s okay. Some of you may know A Boogie from his single Drowning and if you do know Lil B it’s because he lifted the curse from Kevin Durant and James Harden respectively. Lil B may have said some things about A Boogie on Twitter and A Boogie and his crew weren’t willing to let some words and opinions go so when they caught up with the “based God” they told him how they really feel. Lil B did not fight back physically or verbally and he doesn’t have to. Lil B won the fight a long time ago when he cultivated a certain image in the media. Unlike Lil B, A Boogie is just now breaking into the mainstream so his image was undefined until now.

A Boogie will now be looked at as the bad guy and Lil B will continue to get praise and respect from online trolls and the Rap community. Keeping a calm mind in a time of anarchy and using that as a platform allows one to push themselves and their image forward. Lil B has already been on ESPN’s First Take and been a lecturer at MIT just to give you an idea of how connected he is to his fan base. Today, fans are subjected to news instantly whether it be entertainment news, sports news, or political news and social media gives any and every one a platform to express their unsolicited opinion be they wrong or right. So in this situation A Boogie is being presented as guilty even though from a “street” perspective he was in the right. The irony is all the Rappers that are condemning A Boogie’s behavior but rapping about violence in their music. Rappers love telling another emcee what they’ll do to them and their family if it had to go there. So A Boogie is wrong for living what he raps and rapping about how he’s living? So is that why we applaud Rappers that lie about how much money they have and what drugs they do or don’t do?

We can’t do both. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie is only 21 years old and Lil B is 28 years old so it’s no surprise that Lil B took the nonviolent approach; he’s wiser and is able to understand the long-term consequences of being physically aggressive with anybody. It is a turn from the recent violence we’ve seen involving Young Dolph and the words being exchanged between Birdman and Rick Ross. Lil B has a legit reason to retaliate against A Boogie and his entourage and I could guarantee you that the same Rappers that are cosigning his nonviolent stance would be cheering him on if he decided to physically retaliate. Like I said Lil B doesn’t have to get revenge or respond to anything that A Boogie does or says because he’s already hit him where it hurts, in the pockets. (The two have “squashed the beef” since this piece was originally written.)

“What rapper you know don’t got a deal but run the rap game?” –Lil B (I Own Swag)

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