The Hip Hop Pay Gap

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day! Like I’ve been saying Black women get hit the hardest in every category and income is a major problem. With only a handful of women in mainstream Rap it gives way to poor reasoning as to why women shouldn’t be paid as much as men. There is a lot of money that passes through several hands before getting to the artist so to be a Black woman in the industry the pay gap is simply society’s hand in her pot. The surprise is that society assumes that a woman who Raps is indeed a Black woman so they don’t mind cutting us out of our cut. Women who have the skill to rhyme with the best can rhymes with the best male or female. For every $1.00 a man rhymes at a show a woman makes $0.86. Your mother, your sister, your aunt, and your daughter all don’t and won’t get paid as much as or more than anyone in their field no matter how high their education. No wonder it is illegal to discuss how much you make in the workplace.

What they don’t want is for anybody to standup for themselves and demand more money so they can live in this country. When women, Black women, are characterized as being a “bitch” or rude just because the men feel intimidated by her voice. The Black man of all people should know how we feel about being made to feel inferior but some of them just project those hurt feelings onto the women via salary, raises, bonuses, and that includes being paid under the table. Dee Jays that go to spin in the clubs don’t get paid as much as some men who don’t even know how to scratch. Now that the major record labels are fading away how much will Black women recoup after the streaming and downloads get figured out? Until we can all be honest with each other and ourselves the pay gap will never close. The only time women are associated with money in Rap music is if they are dancing to get it.

Black women can’t ride the coattails of white women because they in some cases make more than Black men. Apparently being Black is frowned upon in this country. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it seems like the more pivotal your role in the world the global society tries to quiet your voice. Women’s voices are rarely heard in Rap music yet women are the target audience that defines success on a mainstream level. I see it now, you want us to listen to your music but we cannot participate. If you want consistency across the board you need to call a Black woman. If you want passion and enthusiasm call a Black woman. If you want the truth about love you call a Black woman. The Black woman has done, is doing, and will do more for you than you realize; that is until she is gone.

“I’ma break bread, so you can be livin’ it up?” -Jay Z (Big Pimpin’)

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