The Hip Hop Platform

This piece is dedicated to Reggie “Combat Jack” Osse. He definitely used his platform to influence the culture on a grand scale.

Hello Hip Hop heads! It’s almost Christmas and Kwanzaa time. I hope you and your family have fun during this time of fellowship. Let’s get to it! So, Puffy wants to buy the Carolina Panthers, Joe Budden is leaving “Everyday Struggle”, Russell Simmons has women coming out of the woodwork alleging he sexually assaulted them, and LeVar Ball wants to start the “JBA”, Junior Basketball Association. All of this is because of Hip Hop Culture. All of it. Levar Ball had the attention of the sports world but the family got the attention of the culture when his son, Lonzo Ball, dissed Nasir Jones. I don’t think Lonzo understood the power of the platform but he knows now which is why he repurposed Nas’ “illmatic” cover with his own face onto a hoodie. As for the other instances the connection is a lot clearer. We all know Sean Combs, Joe Budden, and Russell Simmons for their contributions to the culture. Now they are using the Hip Hop platform to do other things which is great but sometimes your reputation precedes you.

The NFL owners don’t want anybody dancing at halftime, stocking the arena with Ciroc, and inviting their other “Black friends”. It is still a “good ole boys” club. Bringing Diddy in the owner’s circle would give people in our communities an opportunity to climb up the ladder of success. Russell Simmons is the epitome of the self-made Hip Hop mogul and if they can tear down his image nothing else matters. If they can take Russell down they can take down the hopes and dreams of a lot of young up and coming entrepreneurs within the culture. Puffy, Jay Z, Russell, and very few others represent longevity and success simultaneously. The culture provides people to make money for their families without being overworked and underpaid.

Image and perception is everything. What do you think those owners see when they see Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs? They don’t see an entrepreneur that started in the music industry, they see a n*gga. That’s it! I know I bring up nationality and ethnicity A LOT but it is warranted. We’ve never been in a “post-racial society” that was just something white people told us to make us think it was okay to trust them and some of you all did and still do despite the actions of Trump’s administration. The Hip Hop platform is very strong and powerful and they hate it still to this day. Never mind the manner in which Diddy declared his interest in purchasing the team. Diddy has the power to bring together other investors which allows him to be the majority owner of the team. We may be excited for Diddy to become a majority owner of a major league sports team but when we make jokes about the “changes” that Puff may implement that doesn’t help because they’ll think we’re serious! They are thinking that Puff is going to have all white parties after a Super Bowl win. They believe that Puffy will allow people to smoke weed in the stadium. They think that Puff will actually have after parties for every team win. The platform shouldn’t be undermined or taken for granted because if you had it you wouldn’t want people belittling you either.

“Better now than never, business before pleasure.” – Puff Daddy (Victory)

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