Hip Hop Purists & Mumble Rap

Another week down Hip Hop Heads. This writer is done writing about Mr. Kanye West. It is what it is but one thing you cannot deny is his talent. Kanye West is Kanye West because of his beat making ability not his rhyming skills. He wanted to be an emcee but nobody wanted to hear anything he had to say. Kanye West gave us College Dropout. Yeah, I know that line might become repetitive but that album is what Hip Hop dreams are made of. A first time reader would call me a “Hip Hop purist”. That is the new Rap industry catch phrase similar to the “culture vulture” term that became popular in 2014. These two terms however differ in that a culture vultures are real people in the industry but a Hip Hop purist seems to be the response to the term “mumble Rap”.

Bars are back and I think some people are kind of nervous about their careers. Of course there are some mumble Rappers that are going to stick around but a lot of them will eventually fade out of the limelight. If I am offending anyone with the terms mumble Rapper or even Hip Hop purist I apologize as I am using the terms exclusively for the purposes of this post. However, that does not mean I wouldn’t use the terms in conversation or lecture. A Hip Hop purist is someone who has a respect for the craft of emceeing and the culture. They understand that Rapping is not just something you do for only monetary gain because that isn’t promised to anybody trying to be on the radio. It takes a dedicated person to be a dope emcee. You have to know your Hip Hop History and have some type of book smarts whether gained through the traditional means, in the home, or jail or prison. Pure Hip Hop is all about the lyrical ability but if the party Rap was audible and not over promoting drug abuse than maybe you could get some of purists in your corner.

There is a laundry list of emcees that was seen as commercial and still had lyrical ability. Will Smith, The Fresh Prince, is probably the prime example. He’s the DJ and I’m the Rapper is a Hip Hop classic that I don’t think is celebrated enough. Live at Union Square still gives me goosebumps. The mumble Rappers are just lazy drug addicts who only want enough money to maintain their habit. Some of this may apply to some the “OGs” too. When the mumble Rappers get sober then and only then will they understand what we are trying to teach them. Our delivery may be a little rough but they are just going to have to wo/man up! Stop being sensitive and when someone says your rhymes are wack just go back and start again, it’s cool. You don’t have to release an album or an EP every summer, winter, spring, and fall. You can make pure party Rap like Kid N’ Play but we don’t want a whole project of 2 Live Crew either. Let’s see how Hip Hop and Rap music continue to evolve over the next several years; we’ll see who’s a Hip Hop purist then.

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