The Hip Hop Republic

Folks all over the country are still upset that Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America. People are citing the fact that he has no experience as a politician and is appointing his constituents to positions that they too have no experience in. We have the Secretary of Education that has never taught anybody anything. An Attorney General that is a blatant racist and a Press Secretary who seems to have never given a presentation on anything in his entire academic career. This piece is not to legitimize Trump’s appointments but to confront you all on the contradictions that are made in respect to Hip Hop and Rap music. By my standards there are a lot of Rapper out there that aren’t qualified to Rap but you all become fans of them anyway. The Rap republicans like them I guess; I’m not registered under any particular party but I’m independent. (LOL)

In the past I’ve applied for jobs that I may not necessarily qualify for based on the job description. Young Rappers think that rhyming and swag is all you need to Rap based on what’s already out there. Trump applied for the job of Commander in Chief because he was told that he wouldn’t win. According to Khaled Trump is a mogul that never listened to the haters because he knew they wouldn’t want him to win but he secured the bag anyway! To Trump and his supporters America is being made great again, and young Rappers think that they are making Hip Hop great again. I thought Hip Hop was already great! Instead of going backwards to old policies and practices Hip Hop is said to be evolving but I’m not sure what that is and neither are they. Nobody in 1978 knew what Rap music and Hip Hop Culture would be today in 2017. Nobody in 1776 knew what the U.S. would be like today in 2017. Depending on your beliefs or “moral standards” you might be part of the Union or the Confederacy.

In Hip Hop we don’t draw lines in the sand or throw down gauntlets (unless it’s personal) so there’ll never be a beef between old school and new school Rappers. Which side are you on? There are two sides to every coin but we can’t forget about the edges. Look, we like to label it as mumble Rap or Trap music but in reality we know right from wrong and we know good music from bad music. We are not involved in our own politics like we should be i.e. the Academy, the Recording Academy, or the television academy. So when we aren’t involved in politics that directly affect us we get nothing or a watered down version of something. Sometimes we might even lose things we’ve already had even if we’ve had them for years. Hip Hop Culture is not a dictatorship, a monarchy, a republic, or a democracy but we still must govern ourselves accordingly.

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