The Hip Hop Visual

For ages pictures or images have been at the cornerstone of history and language. Seeing the impact that images have had over centuries you would think that people would be more careful with the images they put out to the public and online. From “Birth of A Nation” in 1915 to “Birth of A Nation” in 2016. Rappers have always had a hard time cementing their “status” as a successful self-made artist. Those same Rappers have been linked to secret societies like the illuminati. For some reason it’s hard for us fans to believe that someone can actually be successful without participating in to some type of sexual, financial, or downright deviant act. The funny thing about this is that people are willing to through someone under the bus based on something they assumed, heard, or YouTube’d. However in this new age of Rap music and Hip Hop imagery it is apparently “cool” to portray something that you are not and have no knowledge of.

Rappers are walking around wearing upside down cross and using three sixes but have not shown any sign of having done their due diligence. Lil Wayne and Kanye West started wearing “skinny” jeans and everyone clowned them but now look at you all! I wonder who’ll be the first Rapper to wear a romper. I guess you all are just waiting for Young Thug to give you the signal. Early images in Hip Hop and Rap music were more masculine, strong, and assertive but now…well you get my point. The labels are investing in a feminine image because they think that’s the only way to appeal to the LGBTQ community. The LGBTQ community is one of the most supportive communities in this country and they put their money where their mouth is. Young M.A. got a push because she is not the “traditional female” emcee. Too much imagery can alter your opinions and behaviors. That Hip Hop Heads is called normalization.

How far is too far? How much is too much? We need images of “real” men and women in Hip Hop because every lady emcee isn’t a sex maven and not every man is a bright colored hair skinny jean wearing mumble Rapper. I want to see someone that looks like me and I want to see a man that looks like my father! These are not the men I grew up with. All the heterosexual men weren’t locked up in the nineties so where are they? Oh yeah, getting son’d by the youngins wearing leggings. This is why I tell you all not to let too much technology in your homes or around your children. They are to easily influenced because of their ages. Especially for some of you all that don’t parent on a daily basis; let’s keep it real folks. Put those locks, blocks, and mutes on your television, mobile devices, tablets, and firesticks so you can spare your children and yourself the imagery being pushed into your everyday lives.

“Its no smoke screens on the scenes that I’m showin.” -Rakim

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