The iGen

This past weekend we had some albums from the young rappers drop and at the top of that drop list was Travis Scott. I myself was getting into the new YG album, Stay Dangerous. I know the internet had almost exploded from all the excitement but you all know I try to stay away from the hype at all costs. I had planned to listen to Astroworld on my own time at my own pace, as to not be influenced by the hype and microwavable opinions and ratings. Now I had no doubt that Travis’ Astroworld was going to be a banger because my younger cousin has been a fan of Trav from the beginning. When everybody thought he was from Atlanta or thought Kanye had gotten Auto-Tune surgically implanted in his throat! My cousin was born in 1996 the same year Tribe dropped Beats, Rhymes, and Life. We got All Eyez on Me from 2Pac, Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt, and so many other great Hip Hop albums why wouldn’t she be knowledgeable about the culture?

Everyone that’s younger than you, me, or us isn’t one of these new generation youngsters born after the new millennium. There are still young people who were exposed to everything we know and love Hip Hop/Rap music to be and that cohort of young people are at least twenty-one years old today. That’s why a lot of the better artists have better quality music even though it is speaking to the generation that came after them. The thing is with the iGen(eration) is that they were learning and absorbing what we were teaching them but everything great about the culture was slowing down and ended up coming to an abrupt stop in the early 2000s. Due to politics, money, and technology a lot of things changed and the industry wasn’t ready. So while the industry was trying to “figure things out” the iGen already knew how to maneuver technology and so by the year 2006 they took what they had and ran with it! Out of that we got MySpace and Souljah Boy.

If I need to know what is happening on the ground floor with the younger artist I have someone I know I can go to that is going to send me in the right direction. She hasn’t wronged me yet and she is an ambassador for The Society. From Joey Bada$$, Migos, Travis Scott, and A$AP Mob to Denzel Curry, Tyler the Creator, and Chance the Rapper I can respect her Hip Hop opinion. We all have to have a young person to keep us young. I knew the role music played in her life because I was there. You don’t have enough time to consume all of the music that’s out there so if your young sensei (LOL) isn’t recommending it than I wouldn’t make any attempts at listening. Think about it, if the young people don’t want to listen to it why would you think you’re going to like it? It’s really for them anyway. Unless it’s a marquee artist like Jay Z, Nas, Rakim, or Talib Kweli you can’t buy the music off the name alone. Wait until you hear a single or two…or you can have your student become your teacher, grasshopper.

“It’s all that, shout out to them ’90s babies.” – Logic (Used to Hate It)

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