The Independent Variable

The independent variable is defined as a variable whose value determines the value or values of other variables. That is Hip Hop Culture and that is Black American Culture. Hip Hop Culture determines the scope of music and Black American Culture determines how a lot of our country functions. WE are the independent variable in an experiment called the United States of America. In 1776 this country became a more controlled experiment being monitored by countries like China, Russia, and still the United Kingdom. For all of the independence this country claims to have we are joined at the hip with other countries with some pretty much owning the U.S.A. The independent variable that is this country’s lifeline is the Black American economy or lack thereof. The almighty dollar whether it comes from a Black hand, Brown hand, or a Red hand it all spends with whoever wants it. On his latest album Jay Z is sharing with his listeners various things he’s learned on his business man journey which included how Jewish people have reached the economic efficiency and independence that they have today. For that Jay Z has been called out by the media as being anti-Semitic.

The media (especially mainstream Rap music) is controlled by Jewish people. It is and has been for years known that Jewish people do not want anyone knowing their business secrets. These people are disciplined and dedicated to their own people. They want their kids to marry within their religion that way they can consolidate their money and other assets whereas in the Black community being a single-parent is rewarded by our government. Jay Z is not the first emcee to try and give us gems on economic and financial freedom. Rick Ross most recently gave us “Buy Back the Block”. Jay Z isn’t saying anything new but because he has the voice they are worried about how we’ll react. So yes Future, Hov got that much sauce. Will we start investing? Will we stop buying expensive brand names? Will more of us start our own businesses? Will drug dealers start purchasing life insurance policies? Will we get off of America’s teat?!

Like I said before we are the independent variable! If we car pool, frequent Black owned businesses more often, teach our own children in our own schools, and stop with the materialistic bullsh*t we could change the trajectory of the economics in this country for generations to come. What we purchase, invest in, consume, and patronize is the independent variable in this country as everything is built and purchased with the money, blood, sweat, and tears of the Black people in this country. Where would we be without the prison industrial complex? That is a private business that has employed about 1:3 Black Americans over the last decade as this “employer” has positioned itself as an economic powerhouse. We have to take that step towards financial independence but we first have to think independently, learn to live independently off of the land, and make patronizing at Black owned businesses a priority. Secondly, we have to pass along the knowledge of financial freedom even if we don’t have the assets, property, or money to leave behind.

“Generational wealth, that’s the key.” –Jay Z (Legacy)

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