The Kept Rapper

I’ve had a topic up my sleeve and now is the right time to discuss the “kept rapper”. The kept rapper is a rapper who may have what you know as “yes men” or women in their circle. Some are enabled and allowed to behave a certain way even though everyone knows they’re wrong. A kept rapper is someone who is being taken care of and catered to, ego included. That’s why we get beefs and diss tracks. Rappers need and do have their ego stroked almost every minute of the day. The day always comes where an artist reaches a certain level and they become a diva. Men can be divas…without being homosexual. Recently Joe Budden was dissed by Eminem, the owner of Shady Records in which Joe is signed to via Slaughter House purposes. The song titled, Cholraseptic is a remix featuring 2 Chainz. If you weren’t able to catch episodes of “Everyday Struggle” Joe shared his honest opinion (3:15 mark) about the current direction of Eminem’s career. D12 member, Bizarre went to Instagram to share his opinion of Joe Budden about three weeks after the show aired. Then of course 50 Cent joins in on his Instagram because he has to promote his new show “Den of Thieves”.

Once again someoneusing their voice to speak their own thoughts that contradict the mainstream is immediately reprimanded. White America is not going to let you say anything bad about the guy who they plan to replace your favorite emcee’s legacy long after you and your children have died. Granted Em may have felt disappointed that Joe didn’t speak to him personally about his thoughts on Eminem’s music. The fact that Em felt like he had to come out and diss Joe Budden speaks volumes to one; Joe’s current level of influence on the culture and second; the fragility of the rapper ego. This is why some rappers are so materialistic and misogynistic, they’re insecure. Money doesn’t change people it magnifies who they really are. Whether or not I agree with what Joe said is beside the point the fact that people are slamming Joe just for sharing his opinion is hypocritical because when he was calling Migos, Uzi, and Yachty trash it was funny and nobody got upset except the rappers. Now everybody’s mad?

A rapper’s ego can be stoked by their fans as well. These “armies”, “navies”, and “hives” are relentless. The things people will do for someone they probably won’t meet offline. I used to call myself and Eminem fan and I was a Joe Budden fan as well. Why even come back at Joe on wax instead of hitting him up personally? It didn’t seem like Eminem was talking to Joe Budden in the alleged diss reach but the court of public opinion makes the final decisions. Is it because Joe is an easy target or somewhat of a scapegoat because people love to hate him. I’m glad that Eminem wants to be more socially conscious but this delivery wasn’t up to par. Even though Joe doesn’t like Em’s direction Eminem already said on hos collaboration with Beyoncé that he isn’t perfect and don’t hold me up to these high standards because I’m not going to deliver one hundred percent of the time. Real friends aren’t going to stroke your ego in this industry that’s why rappers have very few.

“These rappers insecure” – J .Cole (False Prophets)

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