The Life of Hip Hop! 2

As a writer you can’t always jump on every little headline but there is something that needs to be addressed. Hip Hop fans are some of the harshest music critics because as a break dancer, graffiti writer, dee jay, and an emcee you are expected to be the best, even if you aren’t. We are only nine months removed from the release of Kanye West’s long awaited album, The Life of Pablo. I even wrote about it in part 1 of The Life of Hip Hop! The bar was set high for Kanye, extremely high, even for Mr. West. Even after the death of his mother in November of 2007. We the fans demanded that he release an album despite having lost his mother right before the holiday season. Kanye West released 808’s and Heartbreaks in November of 2008. Now here it is November of 2016 and Mr. West is trying his best to live up to the image that both he and we created with the Life of Pablo Tour. A floating stage with a mosh pit beneath said stage with a lighting setup that according to Ye has been getting to carbon copy treatment.

All the while we continue to dismiss the things that are happening in his life. His wife was robbed and we call it a hoax, anytime he speaks we call it a “rant”, and call his clothing line trash. I mean what more do we want from Kanye? A dope sneaker too? The man needs to take a break and we need to give him one. Yet people are calling him crazy, saying that they are glad they never bought any of his merch, and still hoping that they can get some new music out of it. Kid Cudi isn’t the only one who is struggling. We can add Lil Wayne, Jimmy Fallon, and Kanye to that list. Being rich and/or famous isn’t what a lot of us think it is. A lot of pressure comes with it that a lot of us couldn’t live up to. We hold celebrities and musicians to a higher standard as if they aren’t human and have feelings or a life.

I couldn’t imagine living the life of Pablo Picasso in the twentieth century or Pablo Escobar in the seventies or the eighties. Everyone doesn’t deal with fame or popularity in the same way. Everyone doesn’t learn the same and everyone doesn’t cope with emotions in the same way. If that were the case than we’d all be in a better space mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Being on the VMA stage in 2009 you could see that Kanye was in a bad space then as he was clearly intoxicated. I think we need to step back and be aware of how much celebrity worship we partake in. I also think that Kanye needs to take a break for himself and his family. When Beyoncé ends a tour she goes on vacation(s) and we don’t hear from her unless it’s one major performance. Why do you think Michael Jackson lived in seclusion? Look at Chris Brown and Whitney Houston and how they dealt with the spotlight. Pablo needs to take his life back into his own hands and just live it in peace.

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