The Life of Hip Hop!

Hip Hop has been in a tizzy waiting for the album formerly known as SWISH and WAVES. The Kanye West album titled The Life of Pablo did not disappoint. This album is the sound that he and his fans have been wanting. A blend of the “old Kanye” and the “new Yeezy”. This blog isn’t about the album but the craze or the anticipation surrounding the project. Anticipation isn’t something that is only exclusive to particular artists. Any worthy artist can build up anticipation behind a release. The question I guess is how can more veteran emcees do the same? Would it even matter? I mean if Talib Kweli or MF DOOM dropped an album today would any of the music make it to mainstream radio before six o’clock? Dee Jays you all may have to boycott or protest the iHeartMedia 5 song playlist. Maybe one day at precisely 2 o’clock every dee jay and radio jockey should play something off of Scarface’s new album. Even though Face is a legend in the game with a new project I’m sure playing a song or two of his would be frowned upon.

The life of a Hip Hop song these days is short, even for a dope artist. It wasn’t long after the release of To Pimp a Butterfly and 2014 Forest Hills Drive that the albums lost a little traction. Granted Cole went on tour last year but these days you have to have a continued online presence. That means your Soundcloud needs to be jumping, your YouTube channel needs to stay up-to-date, and you have to have a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. Even we at The Society have all of those platforms in order reach as many people as possible. The life of an artist in general is just as short. There are some artists that I thought wouldn’t be here in 2016 that still have a few years left on them but I bet that as soon as the sound of Rap changes again, as it always does, some of these people will be trying to collect whatever funds they can from that bad contract they signed.

An album is supposed to last an artist for several months followed by touring. You hear people repeat things like “people don’t have long attention spans” anymore. That’s just an excuse to take a shortcut because people give attention to whatever they want. If it’s a wack album than yes you probably don’t need more than ten songs but for a great project such as #TLOP eighteen or so songs is appropriate. We’re not listening to the beat and skipping the tracks we don’t like, we’re listening to the album all the way through for an hour or however long it takes. You make time for the things you want to make time for. Stop buying in to what people say or tell you. Just because it may be true for someone else doesn’t mean the same truth applies to you. If someone doesn’t like #TLOP that’s okay, that’s their opinion. Music is subjective. Beauty is also subjective. So the next time a dope artist releases a dope project bask in that subjective beauty and listen for as long as you like.


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