The Miseducation of the New Age Rapper 2

As I said before in part 1 of “The Miseducation of the New Age Rapper” part of the reason the younger Rappers aren’t knowledgeable about Hip Hop History is because the generation before them did not and are not teaching it to them. This is a great topic to discuss as Hip Hop History Month approaches. We, the previous generation, have to understand that no one can miss anything that they never had or experienced. They’ve never heard De La’s 3 Feet High and Rising or Rakim and Eric B.’s Paid in Full so how can we expect them to love that era as much as we do? Noreaga and Vince Staples had a back and forth with each other on social media. Then Pete Rock called Lil Yachty trash, and he is but that’s not entirely his fault. Who were his comrades, family members, and mentors or role models? It seems like no one was there for the young guy growing up musically.

We as the previous generation cannot be afraid to step to these young Rappers. What do we have to lose besides the culture? When did the Hip Hop generation become afraid to speak up?! A Hip Hop head; afraid to school a youngster, come on man! So you don’t want to be “that guy” or the old head that’s coming across bitter about the direction Rap music is taking. Stop it slime. If this is you you’re an opportunist not a lover of the culture. There are some of you reading this and you agree however; you aren’t doing anything to maintain the integrity of the music. Those few probably don’t know enough about Hip Hop History themselves thus are unable to teach it to any student of the game. Q-tip announced on Instagram yesterday that A Tribe Called Quest had been in the studio prior to Phife’s passing and will be releasing a new final full length album of A Tribe Called Quest and I’m looking forward to the legendary project being released on November 16th of this year. How many young people actually know who A Tribe Called Quest is? How can you expect them to get excited? What you can do is prep them for the new release by listening to the classics. Just because I’m an old head emcee lover doesn’t mean that I listen to Long Live the Kane all day every day.

The same Rappers from the eighties and nineties still release new music and can still spit B-A-R-S so what’s the deal son? So because the Wu Tang Clan released 36 Chambers in 1996 doesn’t mean I shouldn’t listen to any new GFK or Raekwon albums. How are the Golden Era emcees still touring and securing bags if they aren’t still relevant? It’s a cop out and apathetic to not educate the next generation. Sometimes you have to school people that are the same age as you! Music is everywhere so there should be no excuses as to why any new Rapper can’t be educated about Hip Hop History. Don’t be mad at Pete Rock for speaking the truth! Don’t be mad at N.O.R.E., Sway, or Funk Flex because nobody is upholding the culture out of fear and bad politics. I wasn’t born in the sixties but I know who Grandmaster Caz is and I show respect to Kool G. Rap as well. Are we taking our culture and our music for granted or are we taking ourselves for granted?