The Mother’ship

Mother’s Day is this weekend and every year we discuss a myriad of topics mothers who rhyme, mothers of rhyme, or the relationship male rappers have with their mothers. Some rappers come from 2-parent households and the rest will tell you in their music that they didn’t have a relationship with their father and the only person they could depend on was…their mother. On top of that a lot of rappers grew up in circumstances that weren’t ideal but their mothers prevailed and as a result so did their offspring. We always hear about how tough a rapper had it growing up but what do you think their mothers experienced raising them? These women went through hell and high water to raise the people we see on social media and television. There’s no difference between their mother, your mother, or my mother.

Raising a son who is in the streets or a member of a gang isn’t easy to say the least. I’m sure some of your favorite rappers were hardheaded causing mom to spend a lot of money on legal fees, jail calls, prison visits, and the like. You know how it is trying to talk some sense into someone who’s young and not thinking about life past the age of twenty one. I can almost guarantee you that the mothers of this new crop of rappers don’t like seeing their children belittle themselves for attention, love, or money. I’m sure the mothers of some rappers, new and old, are ashamed or were ashamed of some of the things that they said or did. No matter how much money a person makes there are moments when these women may have thought they failed as a parent. Especially for those who’ve been to jail, I know those mothers suffered through some depression simply wondering where they may have went wrong.

When rappers are successful their mothers don’t get any credit from the fans because they think that a certain level of success is given to them by a secret society; but soon as something goes wrong we look to these women to “fix” their child. Even in her death a rapper’s mother will be held responsible for the actions of her child(ren). This is why most rappers show their mother how much they love them by taking care of them the best way they know how. It’s like a long apology that comes from their pockets. Some mothers know that they did the best they could and that their child still chose to make what we deem as poor choices. Hey, some of the moms made poor choices themselves but they did what they feel like they had to do in order to raise a family. Whether you agree with how these women raised their kids or not, these women raised these men to be the best they could be with the resources that were available to them and for that we must applaud them.

“I know that ain’t the type of things your son should do.” –YG (Sorry Momma)

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