The New Found Popularity of Hip Hop Dance

I watch football as do some of us and Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are undefeated as of this moment. Cam Newton like most athletes listens to Rap music and has been celebrating his success on the field with some needless to say “current” dance moves by way of Hip Hop. As I’m sitting here watching him it makes me think of his platform and how you see a lot of online videos of young white families doing those same moves to the latest Rap phenomena. There’s nothing wrong with either of those scenarios but I think I’m getting tired of all of them. There’s a new dance every week! A song that someone or a group randomly came up with that happened to work. I’m glad they are getting whatever little money they can get but who knows how the money actually gets spent. I’m not trying to bash anyone who makes or has made that type of music because I do understand that it’s for the children.

As technology continues to move forward Hip Hop dance will become more mainstream and commercialized than ever before. This is in contrast to the days where Hip Hop dance wasn’t considered an art form. Breakin was more than just a movie plot thought up in Hollywood. Granted traditional breakdancing lives on in competitions such as Red Bull BC One and other breakdancing competitions I’m concerned about the repercussions. Young people will begin to believe that all they need to do is make a hot dance record and their troubles are over and they can get out of the hood. They don’t know how hard it is to beat the success of a major hit as a debut, ask French Montana. Souljah Boy couldn’t survive and now he’s trying his hand on Love & Hip Hop.

Having the radio relegate our music to dance music outside of their top five artists undermines what Hip Hop and Rap music is all about. Forgetting the poetry and the intimacy of the music which is why R&B can’t survive in the current industry climate. Years ago the Electric Slide was probably the only dace being done at some type of gathering. Now you have to Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Hit the Quan, D Low Shuffle, Step in the Name of Love, and then Dab on ‘em! You’d spend the whole celebration dancing, something Black people love to do. Whether it’s for the Lord or for exercise most Black-Americans love to dance. Hip Hop dance is probably at the height of its own popularity right behind Rapping. It seems easy enough that anyone should be able to do it right? It’s not that hard, it’s not that special. They love to hate us so this could take an ugly turn and that ladies and gentlemen may be the day we stop dancing.

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