The New Hip Hop Woman

This decade has thrown Hip Hop Culture and Rap music some curveballs for sure. Something that has remained constant in the industry are the women. We know there are groupies, side chicks, prostitutes, girlfriends, wives, and even ex-wives who’ve made a rather comfortable “living” from their “personal” relationships. Some women stay married for an allotted amount of time and then get divorced after XX amount of years just to collect a check. Other women marry old feeble men just so they can cash in on the insurance policy. The easiest thing a woman can do in order to maintain the lifestyle to which she has become accustom is to bear a child. The new Hip Hop women crowned their Queen, Angela “Black Chyna” White last week. Ms. Angela Renée is no stranger to the Rap industry as she has a son by Rapper Tyga and we never really thought much of her until she won one for all of the Kardashian haters and started dating Robert Kardashian, Jr. If you ask me I thought both Rob and Chyna were “in on the joke” and happened to end up liking each other but hey, what do I know? The Hip Hop woman has evolved before our very eyes ladies and gentlemen. There were others before her and there will be others after her but the path she took Black Chyna clearly carved out on her own.

Hip Hop Culture has created jobs for everyone but being a surrogate should not be one of them. From Gloria Velez and Superhead to Masika Kalysha this is nothing new. However; Black Chyna beat everyone who came before her because of the mark’s net worth. Amber Rose is out here trying to hook 21 Savage hard because she doesn’t want to turn into “Rapper” Heather Hunter in fifteen years. These women have given up on men and these images will resonate with the Black and Brown community and we will keep breeding women with this mindset. The drive is cool but the intent and the lies are not necessary. This new Hip Hop woman can find young Rappers anywhere and reach them directly all through social media. Every man is a target when it comes to the charms and femininity of a smart woman. The new Hip Hop woman has gadgets and things with string to look more attractive for these men. The younger the target the easier the job.

The negative side of all this is that women in the Rap industry are prejudged to be everything Black Chyna, Amber Rose, Superhead, and the like are seen as or known for. Despite these women being someone’s child, sister, aunt, or mother they are dragged through the mud everyday whether they deserve it or not is not for me, you, or any of us to judge. Men associate Rap music with promiscuity so that turns into women that are associated with Rap music must be promiscuous. There are things that include rape and sexual assault because Rap music is no different in that respect. How is it that we “knew” Black Chyna was a “hustler” or just “getting hers”? We don’t know and we will never know and whatever alternative facts or rumors you repeat will forever be speculation. The new Hip Hop woman is comfortable in her sexuality and men don’t shouldn’t assume that she is a cheater and any man is stupid for staying with her but then praise Jay Z in the same breath. Hold Black Chyna accountable for her actions and call her a stripper because she hasn’t been on a pole professionally for some time now. Ask your mother what she did in her twenties?

“Recognize a pimp, open your eyes”

-Memphis Bleek (Is That Your Chick?)

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