The Plight of the Personality

We are fresh off of the 2017 BET Awards and the biggest news from last night is Migos v everybody! I didn’t watch the awards because I refuse to pay for cable so I watch what I want and what I can when I can. The first thing I wake up to is Migos and Chris Brown’s crews getting into something and the big story about Joe Budden and Migos themselves getting into it. First of all I wasn’t there as BET continues to lose my invites year after year but I don’t like to speculate on vague situations. When media personalities allow their persona, their ego, or their pride to hinder them from doing their job it magnifies their lack of respect for the person(s) they’re interviewing. At this point Kevin Powell is an African-American writer, author, and OG reality TV star who is respected for his work. However, some people don’t want to pay homage. (Pun intended) The film “All Eyez On Me” is centered around an interview based on Powell’s numerous interviews with the great Tupac Shakur and Kev is coming for what’s his! On the other hand you have media personalities like Joe Budden whose personality is bigger than his music. These people walk a fine line of wanting to be in the limelight as those they are interviewing. Joe once had Hip Hop in the palm of his hand but now he is seen as the voice of old head Hip Hop/Rap music.

Both parties want and are demanding respect from their peers and the public. However, how do you go about earning your respect as a media personality? Kevin has paid his dues but Joey; not so much. Joe Budden has respect as a Hip Hop emcee but not as a media personality. Charlamagne of the Breakfast Club had to pay his dues before people respected him as the antagonist on the Power 105.1 morning show. You can’t just come in to the media industry and think that because you have a particular opinion or preference that you can do or say anything during an interview with no consequences. A lot of artists do lie about the lives they lead but there are some who are true to themselves regardless of who they are in the music industry. Just because The LOX wore shiny suits doesn’t mean they wasn’t getting at folks behind the scenes. Do not underestimate the plight of the personality. Both Kevin and Joe are in bad situations. Kevin filed a lawsuit but how long will it take to actually get what is owed to him? Joey’s situation is probably a bit worse as his future as a media personality may be at stake because the millennials may not rock with him after getting into it with the top Rap group in the country.

In both situations Kevin and Joe have control over how they go about demanding their respect. If Kevin would have lashed out by trashing the film and going on a media tour as to why he’s owed money would we give him the same level of respect that we’ve always given him or would we look at him a little differently? If Joe would have sat through the interview and remained as professional as possible would we even be talking about Mr. Budden II right now? Imagine the dilemma they both had internally before reacting the way they did. Kevin watched the film on at least two occasions to confirm what he knew were his words. Joe probably got his media pass and thought he should’ve gotten a “talent” pass for the backstage area. Then to sit next to three young men draped in the finest European threads that don’t have the lyrical skillset you possess may have taken Joseph Anthony Budden over the top. A plight can occur at any moment to any one of us but how you react can either make you or break you.

“Now, I’m the type to walk through the fire to check the way it burn” –Joe Budden (All In My Head)

Updated 6/27/17