The Politics Outside of Politics

The Republicans got their wish and passed their “Tax Reform” bill overnight while everyone was sleeping. Most of the elected officials that voted on the bill weren’t privy to the 479 page document until right before the vote took place. There was an election last month where the GOP lost a lot of seats. Couple that with the constant firing of White House staff and members of the Trump Administration and the result is a bunch of scared politicians trying to rush their agenda before the newly elected politicians come into office. You can go online and see what your elected officials voted for but is publicizing the results of a vote beneficial in other instances? Would the Grammys and other “award” shows benefit from having their voting records publicized? I wasn’t going to talk about the Grammys because we have this talk every year but I was thinking and I remember a lot of people saying that representatives of the culture have to be more involved in the voting process. So has who joined the voting academy over the last year or two? How did the members of the recording academy vote?

Who voted in the Record of the Year category? Who voted for Lil Uzi Vert as a nominee for Best New Artist? Who created the Best Rap/Sung Performance category? (If we don’t create the sub-genres someone will do it for us) Why is SZA’s “Love Galore” a nominee for Best Rap/Sung Performance when it should be under Best Rap/R&B collaboration? A Tribe Called Quest was shut out of nominations for their final critically acclaimed album, “We Got It from Here… Thank You 4 Your Service” So who didn’t vote for Tribe? Which one of their “peers” didn’t vote for the culture? What if ?uestlove voted for someone his constituents didn’t agree with? What if DJ Premiere went around to other members of the academy and swayed the vote? There are politics that go on outside of politics. Not every politician wears a suit. The Olympics are politics. War is politics. Money is effected by politics. Education is effected by politics. Hollywood has its own politics and so does the music industry.

Awards are popularity contests in some aspects because you know your friends will vote for you. Real friends anyway. Most Black people are not active or well versed in politics so being a creative and having to participate in politics is foreign to them. We have to play their game if we want to win anything in the United States. They know that if you set up a voting system that will discourage some of us from participating, engaging, or even being knowledgeable about what it is we’re voting on. Hip Hop has been boycotting the Grammys since the first Grammy award for Rap music was awarded to DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Why do we continue to look to the Grammys for validation? Are the BET Hip Hop Awards not enough? (Let me know when you stop laughing)

“Imagine how that’s gon’ look front row at the Grammys.” –Jay Z (Illest Motherf***er Alive)

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