The Quiet Storm

Media outlets are liable for the overall narrative of the culture and the industry. Media outlets have a responsibility to their audience to report the truth despite the rumor-mill and National Enquirer-ish reporting that is popularized today. However, it is a tragedy when media outlets fail to report a story because they are afraid of the backlash, lawsuits, or any type of repercussions for reporting actual news. The #MeToo phenomena it’s amazing that no one in the Rap music industry has been ousted. Russell Simmons is still going through his turmoil but this industry isn’t seeing the changes like Hollywood is seeing. Since Rap music is making so much money for those outside of the Black and Brown community no one is going to shine the light on the ones delivering the negative messages. Just know that there are women and men out here wrestling with themselves and the truth in a quiet storm.

All the way back to Afrika Bambaataa in the early years of Hip Hop to Russell Simmons in the eighties. Although these men were already in “power” through Hip Hop at the time of their alleged sexual assault crimes some people in the industry commit crimes prior to becoming celebrities. XXXtentacion and from what I’m learning Mr. Charlamagne tha God. I’m not going into details but you can click the link for more information if you’d like since I can’t send all of you the public court documents that I’ve read and still have. Last month, Lil Kim was being honored by her home Borough of Brooklyn where Maino, who is also a Brooklyn native, was present and you could see him with his hands on Ms. Kimberly Jones’ shoulders in which she clearly did not invite him to do. Now resting your hands on someone shoulders is not a crime…unless they don’t want you touching them. It’s personal space, it’s proxemics, and it’s respect. Even Ayanna Jackson came back to into the media to talk about her encounter with Tupac Shakur. Who do you think will be sitting on the VLAD couch in 2030?

Women and all too often Black women suffer in silence and have to deal with the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual consequences of staying silent about their trauma. It is indeed a quiet storm as some victims look to alcohol and drugs to cope with what they’ve been through and no Rapper wants that life for their daughter. There is this idea that having a daughter will change a man’s perspective on women. This school of thought puts young girls above women and indicates that at a certain age (probably the age in which men find a young woman sexually attractive) they no longer matter. Once a young girl begins to physically develop they are instantly seen as thots, hoes, bithces, and sluts that are there for the enjoyment of whomever has authority over them. This is the same age where the same young girls are warned by their “Rap dads” not to fall in love with a guy that who unbeknownst to them is just like their father. Only to grow up and live the life of a woman suffering in silence.

“Pain in my heart carry burdens full of struggle.” – Charles Edward Sydney Isom Jr. & Kendrick Lamar (FEAR)

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