The Rise of Thotiana

The duality between misogyny and feminism that exist within Rap music always amazes me. We champion guys who are promiscuous and some have a history of sexual assault. Rappers have gotten in trouble for lyrics that allude to drugging women. Others have threatened women in their rhymes to perform sexual acts or risk being killed. Some rappers will spew nothing but toxic masculinity all through their songs even if they’ve never engaged in any sexual acts with women just to make a dollar. Yet, when the one woman we’ve championed for being “thotiana” is put on a pedestal we want her to clean up her act. There are many variables to this recent Cardi B outrage that are tugging at this one instance. One problem with recording every word you say and every move you make is that once it’s online it never goes away after it expires or you delete it. Pair that with this recent phenomena of “clips out of context” and we have a firestorm. You know what I mean by clips out of context; you could talk for an hour and someone will crop out two minutes of what you said during that interview and misconstrue what you’re saying and the intent.

Cardi B has never shied away from the things she’s done in her past and she seems to have grown from those experiences unlike artists such as Kodak Black. Let’s go back into Cardi B’s rise; she was a personality on social media before she was on television, then we saw her working hard on her music all the while being “herself”, and being loved for it. You all laughed and loved the Yung Miami of the City Girls when she coined the slang term, “flewed out” but, if an old video clip of her on a plane getting “flewed out” by a man for sex would you boycott City Girls? A lot of rappers aren’t role models but there are more that don’t deserve the platform. You all want rappers to rap about a life they don’t live just so you can catch a vibe. We need to start vetting people better before we prop them up because we can’t tear them down once they’re up. Do you see how hard it is to take down R. Kelly? You all tried to tear Nicki Minaj down but she’s already solidified in her position whether you like how she uses her body and sex to sell records or not.

We are all flawed so no one is going to be perfect so don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Even the greats have some things that I don’t agree with but, overall the good outweighs the bad. You can’t punish someone for being the person you paid them to be. If you want someone to change, take your money somewhere else. If you’re mad at Cardi, buy Leikeli47’s music. If you’re mad at Nicki Minaj, buy Rapsody’s music. Replace Kodak Black with Quelle Chris. It is the fault of the listeners for giving certain people money, power, and fame with no respect. This is why young rappers color their dreads, this is why the crip walk became a dance move, and this is why artists affiliate with gangs. We’ve propped them up and once they reach a certain level they become untouchable, man or woman. “Getting it how you live” is an excuse people use to justify the ignorant acts they’ve done in their past. Ask Cardi if she could change her circumstances then and I’m sure she would say yes. Ask Kodak the same question and I’m sure he’ll say something just to go viral. Sometimes I think ignorance is a virus in and of itself.

“This some real-life fairy tale Binderella s**t” – Cardi B (Best Life)

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