The Ruler’s Back

I hope you all had a great weekend and went to see the film “All Eyez On Me”. This piece is not a critique of the film as I will reserve that for the July Film Review. However this piece is a critique of you the consumer and the lack of respect that we show to our culture and those who have made strides and lost their lives for Hip Hop. I just can’t believe the number of disrespectful and uneducated point of views a lot of people are having with the film. We already know that most of if not all of what Tupac’s relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith that was depicted in the movie is incorrect but to hear people make trivial comments about the movie as to what video games, cellular device, or shoes the main character wore are disappointing at the least. I wonder what percentage of the moviegoers weren’t even born during 2 Pac’s reign. I noticed a few things but not enough to distract me from the overall film and it definitely wasn’t enough for me to feel like I wasted my money or deter others from going to see the film for themselves.

With the way we “drag” Hip Hop Culture it’s a wonder that an emcee of Jay Z’s caliber still wants to put out music! On June 30th Jay Z is set to release his thirteenth studio album tentatively titled, 4:44. Both Tupac Shakur and Sean Carter are two of the greatest rappers of all time but somehow one seems to get more respect than the other whose legacy will last for hundreds if not thousands of years. Is it because Pac is not here to defend himself against blasphemous comments? He didn’t have a wife just a mother and sister who fought to protect him even in his death. So when Jay drops this album on Friday will you all be dissecting his rhymes in the same manner you dissected the movie? Are you just a follower and going along with what you hear and see on social media? Go see the film for yourself. I’m sure you’ll give Hov’s album a spin before and after you read the critiques and social media reviews.

The new age Rap fan has no respect for us or our music. The Golden Age Hip Hop Head allows the new age fans to clown the culture because they don’t want to be thought of as old or worse, wrong. Yes music is subjective however an overall consensus is how the culture thrives and hashes out their differences of opinion. We debate and we leave it at that but watching a film about an emcee of Pac’s stature or listening to an album by an artist with Hov’s merits just to “hate” is horrible and you sir and/or madam are not a Hip Hop head merely a fan of music. I cannot respect you let alone your uneducated opinion. To be of age when 2Pac was putting out music was a great time to feel the love that our community fails to show each other. We loved, we respected, we educated, and we still partied! So the next time a highly anticipated project is released by or about a Hip Hop icon show some respect and be objective and for those that weren’t there, do your research!

“But you will respect me, simple as that” – Jay Z