The Sexual Assault Freestyle

Well! Hip Hop History Month went very well I must say. From the reunification of Dipset to the Mase v Cam’ron exchange Harlem had a week of straight fire! What might’ve out a damper on it are the allegations of sexual assault against Def Jam Recordings co-founder Russell Simmons. We’ve talked about sexual assault within the Rap industry many times. From “The UniverSoul Zulu Circus”, to “Power Trip”, and “Raps, Rapes, & Rights” the Rap industry is not absolved from any of these issues. What I think a lot of people are going to learn, as if some of us don’t already know, is that this country and probably the world over does not care about Black women or women of African ancestry depending on how much melanin she has. Basically nobody cares about darker-skinned women. When the story about Harvey Weinstein came out the only person he denied having inappropriate interactions with was Lupita Nyong’s. Why, because she’s a dark-skinned woman despite being biracial. This country has never cared about Black women as noted in the recent actions of Donald Trump with the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson after finding out she was a Black woman. Only to find out the body that was buried may not completely be his but that’s another story.

What makes you think that the rap music industry doesn’t have any issues with sexual assault especially if these women are being made to think the more skin they show the more successful they’ll be? Women in the rap music industry didn’t always dress scantily because oversized clothing was in style for women during the nineties but shoot even devout Muslim women who don’t show ANY skin deal with sexual assault. Would you still love your favorite rapper if he grabbed a woman’s breast on the set of a video? Would you still spit a verse that insinuates rape? Do you have some soul searching to do? Both men and women do. How much self-control do you have sir? Are you on your square ma’am? All of the white women who are coming forward about their experiences with sexual assault in Hollywood while the Black women in the same industry and in the Rap music industry are being told to stay quiet! Superhead doesn’t deserve to be sexually assaulted no matter how much she put herself out there. Yes, hoes deserve some type of respect.

White women are out here freestyling #MeToo. White women have been taught how to be victims whereas Black women have been taught that they are less than. To be less than a victim can be mentally, emotionally, and mentally taxing. Russell Simmons told Terry Crews to stay quiet and not name any names after he revealed that he had been sexually assaulted by a top executive of a casting agency. If a man like Terry Crews is being told to be quiet what do you think women of African descent (Pan-African) are being told? There is no right or wrong way to express your experience(s) with sexual and there is no time limit. Some women will take their experiences to the grave while some may try to monetize their situation. White women have lied about being the victim for decades but Black women are the ones that have no credibility based on the color of their skin. If the woman who accused Russell Simmons of sexual assault was a dark-skinned Black woman we wouldn’t be hearing anything. Now his accuser Ms. Jenny Lumet is the grandchild of the great Lena Horne but she ain’t no Kelly Rowland.

“Black is beautiful, to me, that’s beauty” –Del the Funky Homosapien (Dark Skin Girls)

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