The System Strikes Back

Oh, boy! I’m just going to get right into this Meek Mill situation, no need to sugar coat any of it. We touched on this topic last weekend in my Celebrity Saves No One” blog and well here we are again. Meek Mill is scheduled to appear in court in early February 2016. Besides the crystal clear urine sample he turned in Meek attended the AMAs with his beau Nicki Minaj without letting his probation officer know. Apparently Meek was in court giving up his OG card for his freedom stating that he is not a gangster and has a chance to become the biggest rapper in the world. He also expressed how his girlfriend has helped him become a better person. Now don’t get me wrong, he probably has become a better person and he does have a chance to be a bigger name in the game but who wouldn’t give up their street persona if they knew they were facing serious time? I get that he may only be gone for a few years but after “making it”, going to jail, and then getting back “on” nobody wants to do that in real life. Not even DMX.Meek Mill must not have read my last blog or any of the ones before that (LOL) but the system does not care who you are! As a young black man society values you more in jail or prison than they do when you are free to get an education or putting yourself in a position to get out of the trap they’ve set up! Money doesn’t change us, only them. Look at Martin Shkreli and Ehsan Abdulaziz making headlines but Meek Mill will probably get more time than both of them combined. Even if these things hanppened in other countries with different laws the fact that our system is striking back at Meek Mill for not telling them that he is going to a live nationally aired award ceremony is ridiculous and yes it is because he is black. They want to make an example out of Meek the same way they did Boosie, Pimp C, Project Pat, and C Murda. This is not anything new. Meanwhile, in Baltimore, MD the jury one of the six police officers has to be retried since the judge declared a mistrial. William Porter is one of two Black-American police officers that are being charged in the death of Freddie Gray. I wonder what the jury looked like. I wouldn’t be surprised if the white cops got off instead of a mistrial or a conviction while the Black officers suffered the consequences.

Google defines the word system is as an organized scheme or method. What’s the difference between Bobby Shmurda and Slim Jesus? Slim Jesus is allowed to rap about violence and drugs because he’s white. Bobby cannot rap about those things because they are using Rap music to profile you! I can’t even Rap about the same topics as an Iggy Azalea because they will profile me as a Black woman! I’m not saying that it’s right I’m just reminding you of how society thinks of us and how they use a genre of music created by us against us. You’re guilty on wax therefore you’re guilty in the streets. White-Americans are going crazy over the Black-Jedi in the new Star Wars movie without realizing that the movie is really about religion and a lot of other “systems” that are currently in place in our society. Ask yourself; are you on the light side or the dark?

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