The UniverSoul Zulu Circus

I’m going right into it today Hip Hop Heads! If you haven’t heard, due to lack of media coverage, Afrika Bambaataa is being accused of allegedly molesting young boys during his time with The Universal Zulu Nation. This lack of media coverage has me on the fence. I’m glad that the media isn’t taking Hip Hop Culture down with Bambaataa but I still think this story should be covered. I am just going to give them the benefit of the doubt in that these allegations are just that, allegations. These are alleged crimes and since the alleged victims purposefully waited until after the statute of limitations ran out there may never be a trial or a court appearance from Bambaataa. The only real media coverage I’ve seen is on YouTube via The Star Chamber. If you are a serious Hip Hop Head you know who Star is and if you don’t, Google him. Star has been doing a great job of covering the news on Bambaataa and the alleged victims. Whether you like his approach or not the realness is always appreciated.

The word is that apparently the Zulu Nation is going through what I am going to call a transition phase and if they aren’t they need to look into it. I wasn’t in the Bronx or New York at the time the Zulu Nation was coming up but there have been people who have known about Afrikaa Bambaataa’s sexual preference early on which I will say is not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is whether or not these alleged crimes of molestation and pedophilia on young children actually happened. If these things did happen was anyone in the Zulu Nation aware and the answer to that question Hip Hop Heads is what we’re dealing with. Those who knew versus those that didn’t know. If there were some who knew, why would they take the steps to protect or hide these incidents? As a mental health professional it is not farfetched to think that some of these alleged victims may have been set up by a member of the Zulu Nation to be assaulted, molested, or raped. This is why The Universal Zulu Nation needs to go into a serious transition phase. I understand that as young people the Zulu Nation may not have had the correct system of checks and balances in place to prevent such incidents from occurring. Afrikka Bambaattaa has been all over the globe in the name of the Zulu Nation and Hip Hop so for some Bam’s name, image, and likeness is synonymous with the Zulu Nation!

This is a situation that could bring down our beloved culture so I know members of the Universal Zulu Nation may be at each other’s necks right now trying to get to the bottom of these allegations. I’m pretty sure sexual assault, molestation, rape, or pedophilia isn’t condoned by the almighty Universal Zulu Nation. For young people that aren’t familiar with the ideals of the Zulu Nation this is all they have to go on! This transition phase should include a reintroduction of the Universal Zulu Nation, particular positions and roles need to be established that will circumvent these types of issues. If they don’t the ZuIu Nation will be held liable for damages of emotional and mental traumas causing the almighty Zulu Nation to fold due to legal proceedings. If the media were to cover this issue we’d be done and Hip Hop’s legacy would be forever tarnished and Rap music itself would be more commercial/pop than ever before. If you think mainstream Rap music is trash now it could really turn into garbage with no basis or “code of conduct”, we’re almost there anyway! Not to say that the Zulu Nation was that for Hip Hop Culture today but in the early years it gave the youth a base of principles and values to build on which is something that the youth need in 2016. If you cut off the head of a snake the body will die therefore you can never underestimate your opponent and in Hip Hop you can never underestimate the business.

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