The Unsung Words of an Emcee

It is very disheartening when a person has an important message to spread only to have it fall on deaf ears. A week or two ago Young Jeezy used his social media platform to discuss some things that has been bothering him. Jeezy wrote an open letter addressing various social issues that have been plaguing our community in recent months. Some of the excerpts remind me of something Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Malcolm X had spoken during their time of change. The open letter was followed with a song simply titled God. Young Jeezy despite his street hustler persona has never strayed away from social or political issues. When Barack Obama began his historical run to the White House Young Jeezy got his rights restored in order to participate in the voting process. We all remember the song My President is Black and we played it as loud as can be after Barack took the White House! Young Jeezy uses his social media and his Hip Hop platform to make us aware of his participation in sociopolitical efforts in hopes of encouraging us to get involved also.

Although I had planned to write about Young Jeezy and the open letter when he initially released it I think that now is an even better time. Jeezy recently released a visual or a video as we old heads know it, for his open letter but I haven’t heard or seen any news outlet report on it. Nobody is commending Jeezy for being open and honest about his views on society. I haven’t heard or seen any type of reaction at all. Besides a repost or a retweet there hasn’t been a peep. Why is it that these words are going unheard in such a tumultuous time? He is getting no support from anyone but if he and Rick Ross went at it again that’d be in all the headlines. Some Rappers do care about our place in politics and how our community handles social issues but it’s like he’s alone on an island. How can you influence others to be positive without getting recognized for the positive things you’re doing. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a noise? If the media doesn’t pick up on Rappers doing positive things in the community does it influence anyone else? If a Rapper makes a socially or politically charged song would the radio play it for us to listen to?

Editors and writers of major media outlets control what we think, do, purchase, and how we live. If they feel like we don’t need to know something then they will omit that from the work. Some just assume that our community doesn’t care about those issues which are completely false. America is in the midst of another election cycle and with people like Donald Trump and Jeb Busch in the running we need to be just as involved as we were when Obama was running for office. There are people who don’t believe in the voting process but they still have to obey the laws of whoever is setting them at the time. You don’t like the way your child’s school system is set up than you need to vote in the school council elections! You don’t like the way your city is run than you need to vote in local elections! You don’t like the local police department but you didn’t vote in the special election. You want your child to go to school than vote for someone who wants to give HBCU’s equitable endowment funds. It’s that simple but you want immediate change which is not realistic! Some people actually thing that hundreds of years of oppression and racism can be erased in a week.

When Rappers of Young Jeezy’s caliber and background want to take a stand we must stand alongside them. We cannot abandon our Rappers in times such as these. We need to let them know that we see what they’re doing and that we are willing to fight with them for the change we want to see in this country. The Million Man March is coming up and we need to be out there marching together! Men, women, rappers, dee jays, and the rest of them! Hip Hop cares but the media has a funny way of showing it.

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