There Was and Will Always Be Good Rap

Last year I wrote a post about “bad” Rap having always existed but today I’m going to write about GREAT Hip Hop music! A Tribe Called Quest has already cemented their place in Hip Hop history but when groups like ATCQ come back together with the same new and improved vibe it is purely something to celebrate. This year, 2016, there was some monumental Hip Hop music being made. Honestly, this time last year Jeezy’s Church in the Streets was the prelude to what we’re hearing from some emcees in 2016. Common, T.I., De La Soul, and now ATCQ?! You can’t tell me that there weren’t any good Hip Hop releases this year. We got it from Here…Thank You 4 Your Service was the first album I was literally waiting for come midnight. It gave me that same feeling I would have going into a record store to purchase a physical copy. (I will still be getting a hard copy of the project.)

If you really enjoy Hip Hop music than you will seek out such. You don’t allow the radio or other mainstream media outlets control what you subject your ears to. All of the aforementioned artists and groups have released stellar musical works this year and haven’t received the level of accolades and respect that they deserve. These are projects that we cannot breeze over and take for granted. Now is the time to celebrate, enjoy, and engage the youth through the musical expressions of these particular Rappers. With the results of the recent results of the 2016 Presidential Election we have to prepare not only our finances we have to prepare our minds for whatever the next President of the USA may throw at us and that starts with the music that we listen to.

Music drives a person, elevates her or him, and plants seeds for life choices and decisions we make in all aspects of our lives ranging from what we wear to our career aspirations. I’d hope that this election has reminded everyone who had forgotten that we live in a society that was never supportive of our ambitions or intelligence despite being kidnapped and forced to assimilate. There was and will always be good Hip Hop and bad Rap but in the new millennium we have to learn how to coexist with bad Rap being mainstream. These next four years will be interesting to say the least I just hope that more artists feel compelled to discuss topics that are pertinent to our own existence. As long as I have Good Hip Hop music there’s nothing you can do to break my spirit. You see what was done to Jazz and Rock N Roll! I don’t want to wake up one day with a notice from the powers that be saying we got it from here, thank you for your service.

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