They’re Using Hip Hop Against Us

Originally I wasn’t going to discuss this issue any further. It’s the same result every time and every time we do the same nothing. No action. We don’t push our issues. We don’t push our grievances or complaints. We’re so used to getting beat down we just allow it. They know how to dangle the meat in your face to distract you from the trap. None of this is a coincidence; it can’t be. MLK, Jr. and Malcolm weren’t. Not that these young black men are on the same level as these men but there’re similarities. All these men are martyrs for our cause! Black lives matter right? That’s our cause to remind everybody that we are more than these stereotypes that are etched into your brain. Although, there is the bigger issue of racism and prejudice. Everything always boils down to ethnicity because of the institutionalized racism that is engrained in North American culture. Of course, Europeans were not the only group of people used Africans as slaves. Anybody who has darker skin be it Native American or Indians dark skin has always been looked down upon by others.

Eric Garner is just another black life and I don’t see anybody really emerging as a leader! I saw Diddy’s post, Jay Z doesn’t make his presence known on social media at all, and Drake didn’t post anything because he’s in the studio doing Hookah trying to think of a verse for the remix with T-Murda (Tracee Ellis Ross). Wayne either! All I see on my time line is #MeekMillBack. Now listen to this, I did a blog post previously confronting our priorities as a culture and how much attention we give to certain incidents or people. We should be focusing our energy on more important things. In July Eric Garner was killed and within two weeks Meek Mill was jailed in Philadelphia. All this off the heels of Mike Brown so here we are today. Darren Wilson not indicted, weeks later Meek Mill is released, and the very next day no indictment for Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Eric Garner. There was clear, close-up, video, with audio and still no indictment? However, you want me to think that body cameras on the police are supposed to work in my neighborhood?

They are using Hip Hop to distract us from major issues people! Media distractions aren’t new concepts. This is why you don’t know a lot of the things you’re supposed to know. That’s why the fifth element is knowledge! If a mainstream Rapper came out now with a socially conscious track it would blow! Even though it would be a fad for a moment if that artist decided to continue to make that type of Rap music it could maintain the awareness of various social-economic issues. If the right mainstream Rapper did it I guarantee you every single copy cat rapper is going to do the same thing. Nobody has their own swag like they claim. More like stolen not borrowed. They already portray us in a negative light which result in the stereotypes that get black men and women killed every day. This event is unfortunate but we’ll see what happens in this federal indictment although this could be giving some a sense of false hope.

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