Three’s Company?

Before the emcee became the star of a Hip Hop show, the dee jay was the celebrity name that go the attention of the listener. There was no way an emcee could move anything without a dee jay to back him or her. From Kool Herc, Red Alert, Flash, Roc Raida, and Biz Markie to Premiere, Jazzy Jeff, D Nice, Jam Master Jay, and all the Spinderella’s the dee jay was the one who got the party started and kept it going. As time went on dee jays faded to the background but were still a necessary part of a group and Hip Hop as a whole. The dee jay was still necessary at the live shows and other performances. If an emcee needed a dee jay they had to ask the dee jay if they wanted to spin for them. Now, if they decline to be your dee jay you’ve got a problem and it might be your rhymes. If the dee jay is the star they aren’t going to co-sign a wack rapper. Today the dee jay still has a place in the Hip Hop scene where they are still rocking stages, still rocking sold out crowds, and still mixing and scratching.

However, some people feel like the dee jay is expendable and can be replaced by a computer. Salt N Pepa recently made a few headlines after it was made public that their dee jay, Deidra “DJ Spinderella” Roper, was no longer going to be working with the legendary group of which she was a member of since 1986 as a teenager. Over the years DJ Spinderella has landed various spots in radio, movies, and even joined Salt and Pep on the reality series, The Salt N Pepa Show. A lot of fans consider her the “N” in Salt-N-Pepa. Over the years the Hip Hop trio has received awards and accolades together so what is the problem? Something tells me money is involved somewhere. Are there any reports indicating that’s she’s difficult to work with? Is she an alcoholic or an addict? We’ve never seen her inebriated in any capacity so why can’t she rock with them for the rest of the life of the group?

Like I said, money is probably at the core of the breakup. We know Pepa likes the guys and guys cost a pretty penny when they don’t have the same income as their celebrity boo. Last year, Salt got out of a long and stressful divorce that I’m sure cost her a lot of money. It doesn’t seem like neither Salt nor Pepa were able to manage their money well or they didn’t have a plan for when their careers began to slow down. How many times has this happened to a legendary artist or group from the eighties and nineties? So you decide to punish the one person who has backed you up most of your career? This is why a lot of artists get stifled dealing with the business of music. It causes a lot of strife, resentment, and bitterness. Salt N Pepa are booked but there are only so many 90s Rap tours that an artist can participate in. I would love to see their reaction when a promoter tells them that they don’t want to book them without DJ Spinderella. When they do I hope DJ Spinderella runs up the check because she deserves it. Although, she isn’t the original “Spinderella”, I don’t believe the clock has struck midnight on her career just yet.

“Yo, Spinderella ain’t the kind type to be pulled down, ya know.” – Spinderella, formerly of Salt N Pepa (Step)

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