Throw Down the Gauntlet

Social media has its pros and cons just like everything else in this world. If the platform is used appropriately it can bring generations together. Ever since the ice bucket challenge we have seen more and more of these “challenges” being done online. I’ve seen kids, teens, adults, men, women, and the elderly accepting any challenge that is thrown in front of them. Whether you JuJu on the beat or pretend to be a mannequin, you name it, you can turn it into a challenge! Even when you’re having fun you have to be smart about it. You have to be responsible and safe. So I’ll be that person and throw down the gauntlet to any Rapper or Emcee willing and able to accept. I challenge you to Rap. I challenge you to be more lyrical. Don’t tell me boom-bap beats are played out or you don’t freestyle. If you can’t do it, how can you call yourself a Rapper or an Emcee?

Now I know there are some emcees out there that don’t want to mess up their bottom line by being better than their industry friends. (Insert remark here) Someone in this line of work should know that Rapping is a multi-faceted skillset that not everyone can do. There’s a Rapper somewhere reading this that doesn’t even understand the title of this blog post or how it relates to the topic. Reading is still fundamental folks. If you can’t read or write you need to in this line of work. If you’re reading and writing isn’t that great you can start developing your skills to become a better Emcee or a better Rapper. You can rewrite some passages from a particular book or practice reading aloud so you can hear yourself pronounce the words correctly.

I challenge you to learn and educate yourself. Learn some grammar while you’re at it. A lot of people criticize Lil Yachty but I have yet to hear any other Rapper or Emcee extend an olive branch to him to teach him about Biggie, Tupac, or any other legendary emcee(s). Don’t be ashamed. There’s nothing wrong with improving on your craft. I challenge you to better yourself. I am throwing down the gauntlet and challenging the Hip Hop community to push the culture forward by going back to the roots of the culture. No go and be great and if you have to research the definition of gauntlet and what it means to throw one, do it! Peace.

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