Thugg-er Life 2?


Well last weekend Young Thug thought his album ‘Carter 6’ would be the hottest thing on the streets but Lil Wayne and the courts said no! If you’re reading this I hope you’ve read part 1 which was a breakdown of that whole situation. So this week I breakdown this part of this situation. So Young Thug is renaming his album ‘Barter 6’ and if you’re unfamiliar with gang culture they have their own vernacular or jargon if you will. Some members of the gang known as the Bloods switch their ‘C’s for ‘B’s when they speak to each other or to anyone for that matter. Maybe the same with Crips but vice versa. With that said we have now arrived at the ‘Barter 6’. I don’t know if Young Thug is really a Blood or ‘affiliated’ with them. Baby & Wayne are Bloods but I say that with loose lips because they weren’t ‘initiated’ until years later after they were Birdman & Birdman Jr. So maybe Young Thug got it from them I don’t know but oh well I guess.

My question is if you’re so ‘Blooded out’ why didn’t you name it ‘Barter’ 6 in the first place? The album cover is red but you got a big ‘B’ on your jock. People always want to be real but don’t want to be all the way real because they’re fake. I still think Lyor and Baby are influencing all these bad decisions that’s why the album just dropped with no promo. Maybe that was the promo I just looked up and it was on the internet. Quick edit of the album cover changing that ‘C’ to a ‘B’ and you’re pretty much good. The funny thing about all this is that Young Thug seemed surprised that Lil Wayne was going to sue. I guarantee you Wayne’s lawyers already had that suit ready to go. Nobody ever thought Young Thug was really going to name his album ‘Carter 6’ let alone be nude on the cover. That just shows you what Baby and Lyor are teaching him, nothing. When you’re rich you can do more damage to another man in the courtroom than on the streets. This is business not the streets and Young Thug just realized it. Some lawyers have more blood on their hands than a real killer in prison.

Young Thug this is not how you pay homage to your ‘favorite rapper’. He is clearly displeased with what you’re doing. If you don’t have their blessing then it’s not really paying homage. The Nicki and Kim situation is similar in some ways and what’s funny is that according to Lil Kim that whole situation was under Cash Money’s watch as well. I don’t know about you all but I’m ready for Young Thug to go away. When Birdman finds someone else to profit off Young Thug might go away unless he becomes a mainstream Daylyt. If you don’t know Daylyt Google him! Everybody is saying they love his music but I refuse to make my ear bleed. From Kendrick to Young Thug is a balance and I know I always talk about balancing the good with bad but his is bad, really bad. Even though I haven’t heard any album cuts I’m sure they sound like the other eighty five percent of Rap music that’s out today. I am glad Young Thug’s album is out so this situation can cool down but until Wayne has his money it will continue to simmer.



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