Every new calendar year people create New Year Resolutions, but the expectation is that these lifestyle changes or new behaviors eventually fade out and you revert back to what you’re used to. As the world turns I continue to see Black men attacking, discrediting, undermining, and dismissing none other than…Black women. From journalist to politicians, Black women are still being pigeonholed by our own fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, and husbands. Toxic masculinity reigns within our culture because men don’t want to be held accountable for their actions, so we get blamed and some of us even internalize the blame and start to look at ourselves as inferior, wrong, or even crazy. The same men who are for prison reform are the same men who have a Black woman in prison now who took a charge for them. The same men who are boycotting the Super Bowl don’t want a Black woman as a NFL referee. The same men who want equal rights pay Black women less money because their “attitude” is too difficult to handle. Miss me with all your lame excuses. Offset and Birdman popping up to a Black woman’s place of work could get any one of us fired, but you all are so indoctrinated by unhealthy behavior that you cannot recognize it, even when it’s happening to you.

If a Black woman questions why a young Black man has a bunch of unsuccessful instead of one or two that works lets me know that Black men don’t listen to Black women with the intent to understand, they listen with the intent to debunk. The only people who have been the most vocal about Senator Harris for President in 2020 are Black men, because they don’t like her criminal justice record. Who makes up the larger percentage of the prison and jail populations; Black men. All of you are not innocent so stop acting like you are. The men that have been named as the “go-to” representatives for Hip Hop and Politics like Clifford Harris previously known as inmate number 59458019, were guilty and there was no system acting against them. Yet, I’m supposed to be happy about the Reform Alliance founded by Meek Mill and Jay Z along with some white billionaires and an Asian woman? Where are the voices for the Black women? Susan Burton, Ava Duvernay, Tamika Mallory, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, or Natasha Terry-Robinson could have been named CEO as oppose to Van Jones who is the “princess of prison reform’s” best friend.

I didn’t see any mention of Cyntoia Brown on Killer Mike’s page but he wants you to watch his Netflix series. These are the same men who don’t speak out on R. Kelly and question the validity of the women in the documentary. The same men begging Cardi B to take back her husband after he cheated on her, why because they too cheated on their wives and believe that women should stay in unhealthy relationships regardless of what the man does wrong. In 2019 Black men have to drop the toxicity that is present in their relationships with women. Men always have this line about how they never knew how to love until they had a daughter, but are you treating every woman like your daughter or is she going to learn how to compromise her everything to further the Black man? When the Senate passed the Anti-Lynching Bill last year, the only person I saw on the media cycle was Cory Booker but Senator Harris played a major role in getting the Bill passed as well. You can’t be mad at Black women for protecting their communities, their children, their businesses, their mental health, and themselves as a whole form any man Black, white, or indifferent.

“You like the closest thing to God. Still we call you a bitch, Black woman.” – Nick Grant

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