Turn Down For What?!

The news broke this week surrounding Jay Z turning down an offer to perform at Super Bowl LII (52) in Minnesota. Any artist that is asked to perform at the Super Bowl is on top of their game. Personally I think they should’ve gotten Mr. Carter long ago. To be the first Rap artist to have their own performance during the Super Bowl halftime show instead of just being featured in a segment would be monumental for the culture. Jay Z is one of if not the only Emcee that would be suitable to perform at the one of the most viewed sporting events in the world because he would appeal to everyone watching. There was no clear reason as to why Jay declined the performance but the NFL is not in the best light since Colin Kaepernick still does not have a spot on a team right now. It could be the NFL pandering to the culture while still blackballing Kaepernick. The NFL knows they need to get their ratings back up and what better way to do it than to use Hip Hop Culture.

Black-Americans can be so wishy-washy that they know we’ll tune in for Jay Z and the ratings would probably be the highest ever in the history of the spectator sport. This is what happens when you have integrity folks. No Jay Z isn’t missing any meals and yes he can afford to skip out on career changing opportunities but artists don’t get paid to perform at the halftime shows for the Super Bowl games. The NFL covers the cost of production which can cost upward into millions but artists like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Jay Z couldn’t be paid enough to pull off such a show and artists like the aforementioned don’t need the promotion. The NFL needs them. The NFL needs Hip Hop right now because they know they aren’t going to give Kaepernick a job so they have to make us forget about his unemployment with a historical performance by the world’s most popular living emcees. If his wife was “too Black” when she performed during Super Bowl L (50) what do you think Mr. Carter will do after releasing an album like 4:44?

AM I in the twilight zone or is the NFL really trying to play us? Once again society shows us how much we’re worth to them and it’s priceless. If we don’t watch sports we won’t play in them and then the league suffers. We boycott busses and the city loses money. We boycott television shows and the show is taken off of the air. Don’t let these people keep fooling you into thinking that our voices don’t matter. If our voices did not matter than whether or not Colin Kaepernick stood for the National Anthem wouldn’t be a problem. If Black lives didn’t matter than we wouldn’t hear that all lives do. If Black women were not the makers and breakers of popular culture than we wouldn’t have a Kim Kardashian-West. If our voices don’t matter than Hip Hop Culture wouldn’t have made it this far.

“Since I know what I’m up against. We as rappers must decide what’s most important.” -Jay Z (Moment of Clarity)

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