Twenty 18

Happy New Year Hip Hop heads! We made it! Never forget those that didn’t. It is 2018 and it is the new calendar year and with that means we’ll be getting some new Hip Hop this year. Yeah we get new Hip Hop every year but will anything change this year? Every time Hip Hop takes one step forward something else pushes the culture back threefold. A lot of the time it is us the fans giving attention to things we shouldn’t. In 2018 I want to only give the good music my good energy. I don’t want to waste time getting frustrated at the new artists no matter how terrible a hook may be. I don’t want to support labels who are using the money from the high quality artists to fund the low quality artist budget. It’s not always the labels but it’s easier to point the finger instead of holding yourself responsible.

I know that there has been some back and forth on social media between the “young” and the “old” but hopefully in 2018 there will be more of a dialogue or a debate where a level of respect can be honored. It is not them who need convincing it is us who need to be convinced that Hip Hop is worth anything. After over forty years we the creators of the genre need to be convinced that Hip Hop is to be respected. Sometimes we all take the culture for granted and not realizing that it is the youngest musical genre out there. Everything that our community has had has been taken and repurposed for “the masses”. Hip Hop is pop music because Rap music is very popular. Just like anything that comes out of our community it became a hot commodity.

In 2018 let’s be careful who we share our platforms with. In 2018 let’s listen to an album two months after it’s been released. In 2018 let’s not give Bhad Bhabie any streams. In 2018 let’s support every female emcee or female Rapper. In 2018 let’s stop popping pills. In 2018 let’s get a collaboration between Metro Boomin and The Lox. In 2018 let’s do something we’ve never done before! In 2018 let’s move the culture so far forward that we leave the mumbling behind.

“Nice to see you Father New Year” – Chance The Rapper (Everybody’s Something)


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