Up In Smoke

Hip Hop Culture was created by a bunch of Black and Brown kids in the Bronx borough of New York. You had to have skill to be accepted into the culture. If you were a dee jay you better keep the party going. If you were a graffiti kid you had to have great can control and tag some of the hottest spots in town. If you were a breaker you better have some fancy moves and some footwork. If you were an emcee you had to be creative, witty, and you had to be able to think fast. Today a lot of those requirements went up in smoke so now you don’t need any talent or skills to engage in or to participate in any of the elements of Hip Hop Culture. You can be a reality television star and use Rap as your next hustle. You could be a video chick (chick is the operative word here) and one day just decide you want to Rap for a hobby. Or you could just be a viral sensation and someone could approach you with record deal! I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve been writing for a long time and have yet to be offered anything. No ghostwriter jobs; nothing.

There was a time in the music industry when getting a deal with a major label was rare! Today anybody can get a deal for any reason. You don’t have to be nice only popular. Whether you’re popular for being the most hated leader in the modern world or for being a disrespectful unappreciative brat on a national television show. Danielle Bregoli better known as “cash me outside” girl allegedly inked a deal with Atlantic Records for you guessed it a Rap career. Bregoli is now “Bhad Bhabie” and her song “These Heaux” already has millions of views on multiple platforms. Somewhere there’s a young emcee shaking her head wondering where she went wrong. Somewhere there’s a young producer praying that he doesn’t have to give a beat to a one hit wonder. Ms. Bregoli and Atlantic are going for the money grab plain and simple. Atlantic Records doesn’t care who they hurt or the impression that they’ll leave on young people, they just want to make some money and manipulate Rap music consumers while they exploit this young girl and appropriate the culture.

There’s a Kanye out there who has been working on five beats a day for the three summers. There are real people with talent out there scrambling and learning about Bhad Bhabie and they are becoming discouraged. I’m here to tell them; keep your head up and stay consistent. Somebody is watching, listening, and waiting for you and your talents. Cash me outside will only get but so far. Just because Atlantic Records has a great roster of Rap and Hip Hop artists doesn’t give them the leeway to give deals to any old body. I don’t blame Danielle Bregoli because she’s a kid and all she sees is a better lifestyle without having to put in any hard work. (White privilege) We already know what would happen if Bergoli was Pan-African…besides being belittled and reduced to her sexuality she wouldn’t even have this chance. This type of news is why some people quit their dreams. The same feeling Hilary Clinton gets watching Trump give presidential addresses is probably how they feel. I’m sure they’re ready to “cash her and Atlantic Records outside”, how bout dat!

“Takin’ my hits, writing my hits, writin’ my rhymes, playin’ my mind.” –Kanye West (Spaceship)