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Hello Hip Hop Heads! I hope Hip Hop History Month is treating you well thus far. I hope you have been listening to nothing but bars and boom bap for the last week or so. As we continue on with celebrating the history of our beloved culture please note that these pieces will be circulating all month so if you follow us on social media please share for your friends. Now back to the lecture at hand! Today is the observance of Veteran’s Day here in the United States so I thought we’d pay homage to veteran emcees. To be a veteran in the military you have to have served for a number of years. Some people use the word veteran outside of the military to signify their length of experience in that field. Hip Hop mimics this country in certain ways in how they treat their veterans. We may have Veteran’s Day where we recognize those who served but we also have homeless veterans and others who don’t get any respect despite their years of service. We claim to love of Rap vets but we don’t buy their music and support them.

We have had legends in the industry that have had to wait to be buried because their estate wasn’t in order. We don’t want that for any of our veteran emcees we need to be there to support them if they ever need it. Veteran emcees like The Lox, Cam’ron, Jay Z, Nas, and the like are all veteran emcees who’ve been putting out projects that haven’t garnered enough attention because we don’t respect them the way we should. I know people don’t shout out project release dates anymore so you can “prepare” yourself to make a purchase but once you find out do something. You can buy more than just the album now. Emcees have “merch”andise that you could purchase. Cam’ron sells socks for crying out loud. Ghostface Killah has dope merch. These verteran emcees deserve to be recognized for their work and longevity in the Rap game. Their skills are still sharp and they can still rhyme regardless of what’s hot on the radio bars still reign supreme.

If we don’t show these emcee the respect they’re owed how many would become the next social media stunt queen (Yes I meant queen)? I don’t want to see Nas crying on Instagram when he and Nicki Minaj breakup. I don’t want to see NORE on Facebook live talking about his wife keeping him from their son. I don’t want to see any emcee on Instagram in a dress because they “lost a bet”. I don’t want to see my favorite emcees going to social media trying to recreate fame in this era sullying their legacy and making a joke of themselves. That makes the culture look bad! That’s why anyone and their great-grandpa think they can spit bars when they can only spit saliva. So this Veteran’s Day if you just so happen to run into a veteran emcee thank them for their service. If there’s no chance of you running into an emcee use social media and give them a shout. I’m sure they’d appreciate the love. You never know they might respond, just tell them The Society sent you.

“I learned much from such swift cons who run scams, Veterans got the game spiced like ham.” –GZA (4th Chamber)


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