Wakanda Forever!

Everyone will be out at the theaters to see Black Panther including myself! We’re all “dressing” up in whatever attire we feel communicates how Black we are. Just remember that what some of you will see in theaters are not “costumes” but actual clothing and fabrics that can be worn on a regular basis. Hopefully everyone will be more comfortable doing so long after they see the film. Comic books and the characters within the pages have always had a place in the heart of traditional Hip Hop Heads. The only people who didn’t know about Black Panther are people like me who aren’t knowledgeable about the Marvel or DC “universes.” However, the entire Black and Brown community is coming together to support the film. When projects of this caliber are released it is important to go all out and financially support the project so we can see more projects that reflect our history and heritage especially when it is done with such integrity.

Birthed in the late sixties the Black Panther is the first mainstream superhero of African descent. Black Panther is slightly older than Hip Hop Culture but they both represent a disenfranchised community. The inhabitants of Wakanda is what Africa would be like if it had never been colonized. Imagine what Hip Hop Culture would be like if it had never been “capitalized” upon? Pure unadulterated rhythmic poetry. If you’re focused on how much money would be made or lack thereof then you my friend are a colonizer or we could use the more popular term, culture vulture. Culture vultures wear “costumes” when they try to look like they’re part of the culture or they insinuate that they are doing something new and different that has been a staple in the culture for decades.

The culture cannot lose its traditions in an attempt to assimilate. Progress doesn’t mean selling out or being inclusive. Progress means just that progress and some people feel like we can’t progress on our own. How limited is that person’s thinking? Why do we always feel the need to get acceptance from someone or a group of people who don’t understand your point of view and couldn’t care less about your feelings, your life, your needs, or your dreams? Black Panther and the women of Wakanda protected their country by any means necessary and anyone who got in their way was dealt with accordingly with no debates. Are you willing to do that for Hip Hop?

“Brothers die, ’cause coons turn to butterflies.” –Vince Staples (Oops)

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