Watching the Throne

Throne: an elevated seat or a ceremonial chair for a sovereign or a similar figure used to signify power. Who’s the greatest of all time? Conversations about who’s the hottest right now, who sold the most, who has the biggest impact, or who controls the culture are constant within the Hip Hop/Rap community. Everyone wants to be on the throne; to be the top guy…or lady in the game. Everyone wants everyone to love and respect them and their music. That’s impossible. Kanye West, Eminem, and Nicki Minaj all the same from the Rap community. Everybody’s reaching and stunting on social media doing anything they can to get what they once had.

Eminem, MGK, and G-Eazy are battling for white rapper supremacy whoever wins that battle will sit on the proverbial throne as the best white rapper to ever do it. Nicki is vying to be the greatest female rapper to ever do it and soon as she felt like her seat on the throne was threatened she hit the panic button. Kanye West is trying to find his way back into the hearts of the fans he lost way back when. This “rebranding” that you see him doing in Chicago hanging out with old friends is all for a purpose. In my opinion if Kanye has to sacrifice (no illuminati) his marriage for the sake of his legacy I think he’s egotistical enough to do that. Kim West…living…in Chicago…full-time…highly unlikely.

If Kanye is surrounding himself with old friends I’m sure him and Jay coming back together can happen, if it already hasn’t. People have gotten so used to Kanye’s wild tweets and other antics from other artists on social media we’re beginning to ignore them and take the posts for a joke. When I saw Kanye tweet about Watch the Throne 2 I immediately dismissed it but then I saw a picture of Mrs. Carter in a pair of Yeezy Season 5 mules (shoes) and went down the rabbit hole. One, there’s a Watch the Throne 2 mixtape by an artist named Slee. Two, if Kanye can get his mind right and get back in line with the same hunger he had when he was making five beats a day for three summers he might be able to get his seat on the throne back. You can’t be out of touch with the people and think you’re going to reign on them from afar. Fans want the same love and respect from their favorite artist to be reciprocated. If we’re investing in you and supporting your lavish lifestyle while we struggle every day at our 9 to 5 you need to put your fans on the throne, give them what they want, and watch how they react.

“Picture if you will that the throne’s burning.” – Jay Z (Why I Love You)

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