Wax On, Wax Off

From wax, to vinyl, to being on record, and to finally releasing a record all of these phases should be handled with care and consciousness. The term “wax” refers to the shellac wax that records were created with from the early 1800s up until World War II when the materials to make records became scarce. When materials get scarce what do we do? Find a replacement and thus vinyl records were the new wave. Now the phrase “on wax” refers to recording a song to be placed on a vinyl record which was later released to the public. Even though today’s music is rarely imprinted on vinyl records the phrase “on wax” is still prevalent in Hip Hop Culture today. When someone refers to something being on wax that means that whatever is discussed, mentioned, or reported on a song is set in stone for the Hip Hop history archives. For some it is better to put things on wax as to avoid any physical violence and for others not putting something on wax is almost like keeping a secret especially in a “big brother” society like the one we currently live in.

A lot of toady’s “rap beef” or conflicts and disagreements stem from social media yet in previous years most rap beef began with a real problem between two people in real life. As a means to keep those involved safe it was determined that it was best to keep these respective beefs on wax. That’s why we get diss records and responses like what we heard between Pusha T and Drake. Foxy and Lil Kim never really gave us the battle on wax that a lot of us wanted but Nicki and Cardi are finally giving us what we should have gotten, a beef on wax! Yeah, they have been “secretly” dissing each other for a while in their raps but all bets are off and it is clear in their recent features that they are talking about each other. Nicki’s feature on Tyga’s Dip and Cardi B’s feature on Pardison Fontaine’s Backin It Up have both rappers taking heavy shots at each other.

Both sides are making money off of the conflict but imagine how much more they could have done had they worked together. Wax on, wax off. At some point stress gets old and ages you. Rappers need to practice taking off the wax and coming together for the culture. I still want to hear that Thelma and Louise album that Kim and Foxy were supposed to release. In the age of meaningless big name collaborative projects Nicki and Cardi could take it to another level with their star power! Some of the songs could feature other dope lady Rappers like Rapsody, Leikeli47, and Remy Ma. The bigger picture is always overlooked by ego and emotions. Wax off, wax off! The thing is records aren’t made of wax anymore so why do rappers insist on using shellac instead of vinyl?

“Put the wax on the table and let the DJ spin it.” – Beastie Boys (B Boys Makin’ With the Freak Freak)

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