We’re All in the Same Game

It seems like I can’t write fast enough with all that is happening in Hip Hop during this holiday season. I can barely write this blog as I listen to J. Cole’s new album, 4 Your Eyez Only. There is a lot of dope Hip Hop getting it’s just due and this years’ Grammy nominations are a reflection of that. If the music is created, someone will hear it. Shout out to T.I. even though his album Us or Else did not get recognized by the music academy. There’s also been a few good back-n-forths with Shia Labeouf coming for Lil Yachty and Hot97’s Peter Rosenberg. Nobody knew Shia Labeouf had bars and frankly who knew Rosenberg had bars?! It seems like everybody is making Lil Yachty the poster boy for bad Rap as if bad Rap hasn’t been getting radio play for the last ten years or so.   

There are only a handful of people at the gateway into mainstream Hip Hop and Young Thug is managed by one of them. Young Thug could be added to the bad Rapper list as well as plenty of others but it’s not one person and it’s not really fair to Lil Yachty, he’s a kid just listen to the way he talks! Yachty was recently at the Hot 97 holiday concert in New York draped in classic NY gear i.e. Timberlands, a Yankee fitted, and jeans that fit. He’s still young enough to learn and absorb some Hip Hop history. It seems like we’re in a battle with the powers that be for the soul of Hip Hop. We’re living in the aftermath of the corporate takeover of Rap/Hip Hop music. However, recent projects promoting individuality, Black culture, self-love, and traditional Hip Hop are getting recognized as the longing for real Rap grows and grows. These last few months of music give me hope for 2017 and beyond.

Whether we make real Hip Hop music, mumble Rap, party Rap, or boom-bap Rap we’re all in the same game. We need to work together because if the powers that be are successful at their attempts to divide and conquer then the radio Rap that we hear every thirty minutes will become the new normal. One day our generation will leave this planet and the youth will be left to keep Hip Hop Culture and Rap music alive. We won’t be here to tell them that a) rhymes matter, b) real emcees can rhymes over any beat regardless of BPMs, and c) it’s about the art not the money. We’re all in the same game trying to better our lives, better the youth, and move the culture. We’re going to have to unite the Yasiin Beys with the Lil Uzi Verts and the Yachtys with the Brother Alis if we want this culture to continue. East coast, west coast, down south, or Midwest we all partake in Hip Hop Culture.

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