What Remy Ma’s Release Represents in Today’s Hip Hop

Hip Hop has been counting down the days for Mrs. Reminisce Smith to come home! We’re not going to revisit why she got locked up but I do remember when it went down *insert blank stare emjoi*!!! So she did her time and now she’s home with a bit of a delay but it’s all good. Hip Hop is here and waiting for you. Remy Ma is a crazy lyricist and can battle! I mean bars! We all remember that battle against Lady Luck! Classic!!! Teaming up with the Terror Squad gave her the platform. She is a Grammy nominated Female Hip Hop Emcee and her debut album was definitely in my cd player but they let it fizzle out. If Remy could’ve gotten another label deal and kept up her momentum she would still be in the game and never out in the streets committing crimes and going to jail. These rappers need help just like the rest of us. Keep yourself busy with something productive and don’t get caught out there just doing anything.

There’s a lot of pressure for Rappers to come home and deliver after spending time in the system and with Remy being a female emcee the pressure is even heavier. Add that with all the speculation about how her relationship with one particular female rapper will pan out and she’s got a lot of people’s hopes resting on her laurels. I personally would love to heat Remy back on my airwaves as long as the suits don’t try to change her. You can’t go too far with Remy Ma though. Remy represents a lot more than the average rapper going to jail to promote a project or a probation violation. Remy represents that Hip Hop the real Culture lovers want to hear. She represents lyrics, authenticity, and she’s sexy without giving you everything she’s got in an IG photo. I don’t even remember Da Brat even trying to come back when she came home. It’s already rough for female emcees and Remy needs no additional obstacles. She’s married now and we don’t know what exactly she wants to do as far her personal life which a lot of times effects female emcees more than their male counterparts.

The way Rap is today I’m scared she’s going to only go so far. She has a lot of momentum right now but the radio isn’t going to want to make room for a real emcee kicking down your door with original flows and delivery. Her style is rough, rugged, and raw. My favorite qualities in a great lyricist. Her debut ‘There’s Something About Remy: Based On A True Story’ had the radio and the streets covered. I thought a chick was going to get bodied after hearing ‘Billingual’ and ‘Whuteva’ was a Swizz Beatz monsta! Her linking up with DJ Khaled and spitting some verses on his beat for ‘They Don’t Love Me No More’ on the come out is letting US and EVERYBODY ELSE, female or not, know she still got it and she plans on using it. I thought the beat might’ve been a little too hard against her hard flow but I’ll take it! I need Remy Martin from off the ‘Ante Up’ joint.

In today’s Hip Hop Culture these kids have a short attention span and they’re not knowledgeable in Hip Hop Culture. I just want Remy Ma to make the successful transition back into a consistent career as an artist and remain relevant. A little battle with that other female emcee wouldn’t hurt it’d be good for the culture. I just want some real Hip Hop from a real woman a real emcee. I’m grown I don’t want to sing I-G-G-Y and I keep my business to myself I don’t need to sing about ‘Anacondas’ either. I’m tired off this hyper sexualized teenage rap. I want something that’s going to make me wish I wrote it. I want to imagine myself reciting your verses in a cypher somewhere in Queens. This is where Hip Hop Culture needs to come in a support a real artist whom everybody knows has the skills to put a real lyricist on the map; radio, blogs, fans, everybody. Sometimes an artist doesn’t fail because they weren’t good enough it’s because they didn’t get the support they deserved. Those same people that claim they love Hip Hop music and are looking for real emcees will be the same ones who don’t support the artist.

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